A Heartl'y 2008 Christmas Greeting!!

                                                                                           Kristi's Friends and Family 2008- Christmas Page


Greetings to all our friends and family! We hope this Annual Christmas greeting finds you healthy and happy. As time seems to pass by so fast, it seems just yesterday I sat down to write the annual greeting. Where does time go?  They say as we get older, each year goes faster… perhaps that is true in some cosmic spiritual way?!  The past year brought many changes as after a year of working full time at the church, Dan decided he prefers part-time and thus significantly reduced his hours.  It has meant lifestyle changes for us, yet perhaps not too dissimilar to many as the economic patterns of the year have brought us all for a roller coaster ride (I much prefer going down on the rollercoaster rather than the economy!)!  Yet with time we all adjust and we were afforded many wonderful opportunities including various travels, most notably a splendid trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  We have also made the transition to “half a nest” as Mikaela proudly graduated with High Honors from Blaine.  Following a couple of visits, and a nice scholarship on top of her tuition remission from my role as professor, she made the leap and yes, came to St. Kates to study education and American Sign Language!!!  We cried as she left, and I continued my tears, yet it wasn’t but a week or two in ‘til I realized with our biweekly lunches and workouts, and her visits home on the weekends, that I would have as much time (or more) with her while she is at college!! 


Greetings friends and family!!!  This is the e-version of our Christmas letter with a few extra pictures and every bit as much joy and enthusiasm as we wish you a beautiful Chiristmas!!


                                                                                         Tamarindo at a beautiful All- Inclusive Resort


                                                  On the ATV... ready to go up the mountains and Zip line through the jungles!!
                                                                                   Magnificent Volcanic explosion in Nicaragua



                                                                                                    The beauty of Costa Rican Sunsets!!     

Mikaela-  Mikaela completed her 3rd year playing rugby and served as the team Captain for the Minnesota Rugby Association’s North Metro team the Wolves.  She misses rugby but remains dedicated to daily workouts (unlike Dan and me  J … just kidding!) Mikaela is adjusting to on-campus living at St. Kates. Despite very much enjoying the college, she has decided she prefers living at home and being near mom, dad, best friend Jodi and girlfriend Jesse. School itself is challenging but is going very well and she was asked to consider serving as a math tutor in the Student Learning Center.  Mikaela reports the highlights of her year as including the annual trip with mom (and this year Jodi) to Northern Pines Family Camp, the family trip to Costa Rica, and spending time with Jessie, Jodi, mom & dad.



                These two beautiful sunset pictures were taken at a favorite family camp Mikaela, Jodi and I attend each year...


                                              Photo taken by Mikaela's best friend Jodi- up at the Lake at Family Camp
                                                       Jodi, Kristi and Mikaela.. Ready to ride!! 



Music is personal and versatile.
Music is relaxing and therapeutic.
 It brings out the best in people. 
Joy, laughter, happiness. 
Music is passion and love. …
As is Family Camp.


        Photo taken by Mikaela at Family Camp (her guitar)
Mom & Mikaela hangin' out at the cabin        


               Mikaela jumping for the ball in rugby.. (yes, they pull them up by their shorts!!) ...In addition to jumping she was also the fly half (and captain)

Congratulations to Mikaela on her Graduation!!!! (Pics of her growing up years can be found in last month's page):  
Mikaela can't wait College of St. Catherine !!! Yippee!!... And now she is here!

  Mikaela goes blue!!            

                        Congratulations to Mikaela... She graduated with High Honors from Blaine High School in June of 2008... Off to St. Kates!

                                                                                                                                     Kristi, Jodi, Mikaela and Jessie



Kristi- The year afforded many wonderful opportunities for personal, family and professional travels to visit family and friends, and to present at various conferences.  I continue as a full time professor at the College of St. Catherine. In addition, I just completed my 25th year teaching early morn aerobics (formerly Northwest- now Lifetime Fitness).  We took our annual charity bike ride, this year again to the MS 150 and my various national travels went North, South, East and West… all of which had their own individual beauty.  I have also been actively involved with my private practice, most often with clients/ systems serving persons with psychiatric, developmental and cognitive conditions. I too am grateful as I have enjoyed a number of collaborative and individual opportunities in writing, presenting and research.  As the years go by I am mindful of what a gift health is, as are the many opportunities to engage in life -long learning and to  nurture relationships with those special souls that grace our lives. Highlights of my year include the many travels; the time with Mikaela as she has entered college; family, work, and personal trips; and being humbled and deeply honored to win the College of St. Catherine 2007-2008 Teaching/ Advising Award.

                                      The Purple Pumpers XIII again venture on the MS 150!!  



                                    Our Aerobic Family

Here are a few of the fine Fella's celebrating after class!... The Men won the Battle of the Sexes this year


                                            Battle of the Sexes Breakfast
                                           2005-- Getting ready to teach with my soul sister Julie... we still see each other often, but teach at different clubs


                                 The beauty of travels... friends... and fun!!!



                                   The beauty of Long Beach California... and a fantastic American Occupational Therapy Association Conference




                                               Picture taken on a beautiful bike ride with a friend

                    The beauty, and joy found in our National Parks....  Pictures have power to capture a million moments...


Friends, Friends, Friends!!!

                               Yes... I still see my High School Friends!!!


                        A look back to the cabin.. Dad, Mikaela, Kristi

                                      Pallisades State Park- South Dakota


Visiting my friend Kathy in Long Beach...  She was my 6th Grade Music Teacher...
Yes, we have kept in contact and built a friendship all these years ;)   

          Some of the Minnesota Folks hangin' at the National American Occupational Therapy Conference

                  SSO USA: (The Society for the Study of Occupation) Board friends at Dinner on the Harbor
                       Some of the CSC faculty ...


                    The beauty of walks, talks, bike rides on the Minnesota paths... 

                                Walking along the ocean in Fort Lauderdale
                             SSO friends...

                                                     A Minnesota Contingent!

                                                   Chuck, Kristi & Linda enjoying an Italian cusine Break...



Etsuku and Ruth enjoying the sing - a - long


Dan- As mentioned, after a year of full time work, Dan went back to part time.  After the transition, he started an active summer tennis program and took on a position as the Girl’s Tennis Coach at Maple Grove High School. He will also start coaching the boys at Centennial in the spring.  He too continues as a Tennis Pro at White Bear and is a Christian Education Director at our church.  On the side, his music is as active as ever and the Kid’s band he plays in “Sticks and Tones” has taken off and is playing gigs all over including past events at the Mall of America, the Lake Harriet Bandshell, and the Como Zoo.  Highlights of Dan’s year include coaching the most successful Girl’s Tennis team Maple Grove has ever had, seeing Mikaela graduate, and continuing to play in numerous musical engagements and the family trip to Costa Rica.  

                                 Sticks and Tones!!!            

The Sticks & Tones play at Lake Harriet  

                                                                                               Costa Rica

                                              Merry Christmas and a Most Beautiful New Years!!




May joy come to you and those loved this season


                      Merry Christmas to All!!!


Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, let us all take time to thank the Good Lord for the many blessings with which our lives our graced.   May you know you are loved and cared for and may the season bring you joy.  Thank you for your friendship, your support, and your presence.  Let us thank the Lord for those special souls...   who grace our lives.


Christmas Beauty

Snow fallen splendor
breathes holiday cheer
as folks busy bustle
signs Christmas near
The fervent, the feverish
rush to the store
As the season unfolds
and knocks at our door
The trees all need trimming
The stockings must be hung
The cards must be written
The bells must be rung
Yet in all the magic
In all the cheer
Take time to pause
for time with those dear
For God's love came down
and graced our Earth's Sky
In giving his gift, for you and I
Let's pause in our thanks
to the dear Lord above
and share with each other
our kindness and love
I thank each of you
for your presence you see
and how you grace
my life journey
I wish for you
both far and near
A Very Merry Christmas
and Blessed New Year!!!



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