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                                             A Haertl'y Greeting Christmas 2009..
Blessed Christmas Greetings To Our Friends And Family from the Haertl's! We hope that 2009 was good to you and brought you peace and joy.  I have included our Christmas letter with a pictorial journey of memories captured that each of unique stories of their own.


class="MsoBodyText">                            On the pier in Cape Cod

                                                                                                          Mikaela & Dan at Boston Science Museum in front of  actual horse in Harry Potter Movie



A Haertl’y Christmas Greeting- 2009

Greetings friends, we hope this year’s Christmas greeting leaves you all happy and healthy.  The year brought many opportunities for travel, fun, family, friends, and too had some challenges.  As a family we were able to traverse to Wisconsin a few times including trips to visit Dan’s mother Dal in Appleton(who will be 90) and too a few times to Wisconsin Dells. We also had a family trip to Boston and Cape Cod andpersonal and professional trips have also offered me the opportunity for a few trips out East, down South, and to all corners of the state.  It has been a wonderful year of time spent with friends amidst visits, shared bike rides, our 13th trek on the MS 150 bike ride from Duluth to the cities, and many other opportunities.  My father & mother continue to live in Golden Valley and dad is as active as any man in their mid-late 70’s as ever! (Routinely bikes over 25 miles, dances & plays tennis). Our individual adventures are as follows:

                                                                                    U.S.S. Constitution.. Oldest Boat in Commission in the World

     Mittens and Midnight.. two deeply valued members of the family!

Dan- Dan has continued to enjoy his transition to coaching at the high school level (Maple Grove girls and Centennial boys).  Excitingly, he coached the first ever Maple Grove player to attend the state tennis tournament.  One of the 13 year old players took 4th in state!  Congratulations to her, Dan, and the team!  Dan’s band, “Sticks and Tones” has also had several opportunities to play gigs throughout the Twin Cities area.  They are unique in their genre as they revise popular songs and make them family- friendly.  Sadly, in August Dan lost his job at Crosswinds which has been a challenge as those with church related jobs do not qualify for unemployment.  We are revising our spending/investing strategy and Dan continues to look for work.  Highlights of Dan’s year include going to state and success in tennis and music endeavors.


Kristi- I continue to be busy working at three jobs/ careers I love as I just started my 27th year teaching early morn aerobics, continue as a full time faculty member at St. Catherine University, and I maintain a private practice. The year offered several publication & presentation opportunities for which I am deeply grateful for.  I too very much enjoyed travels with Mikaela and best friend Jodi to Family Camp, and various travels and times spent with close friends.  Perhaps some of the most fun has been spent on various bike trails all throughout the state. I have had some congenital health challenges including a brief bout in the hospital recently, but such stints remind me of how precious life is and how important it is to live life as fully as we can, love fervently, and strive to make a positive difference. Highlights of my year include the valued time spent with family and close friends and the many travel opportunities.

                               Our aerobics family says, "Merry Christmas"

John and Kristi get ready to teach a strength class!

                                                     Having a great time with the students in my Sensory Perception Cognition class at St. Kates!

Mikaela- Mikaela continues to do very well as a sophomore and Deans List student at St. Catherine University. Last winter she served as a tutor in the St. Kates learning center and this winter she will work as a tutor for the America Reads program, working in the inner-city with children in need.  She has developed a strong interest in social justice issues and has identified elementary education as her chosen major and will do well in this area given her love of children and experience with the schools. Highlights of Mikaela’s year include having the opportunity to have one of her best friends, Eileen, as a roommate, traveling up to Family Camp with mom and best friend Jodi, and spending time at favorite places such as the Tea Garden with her friends. 

Left- Mikaela graces aerobics with her guitar playing skill (she even won the St. Kates talent show!)
Right- Jodi, Mikaela and Yours Truly at Family Camp

               Mikaela and Eileen enjoying Christmas.....

             Dinner at Bennihana

Friends- Friends- Friends- Friends!!!   Friends- Friends- Friends- Friends!!!

A subgroup of our crew - collecting food and donations in the Holidazzle for the food shelf

Long time Member of our aerobics family moves back to Minnesota and won lunch as he was the 7000th hit to my fitness website!

""Soul Sisters"... Julie and Kristi out on one of many lunch gatherings

Out to Fabulous eats with friends Rhoda Erhardt and Linda Buxell(left and Rhoda & Chuck Christiansen "Chris" right)

Girls night out.....!!

Lake Minnetonka Fun!!

Every other month a group of friends from high school and prior (some dating back over 35 years to elementary!)
Get together for fun!!!


Biking fun with friends!!  

Purple Pumpers XIII ... some of the team gathers for Pre-MS150 Event Dinner!! If you'd like to join us in 2010 let me know! The event means a great deal as two of our members were diagnosed with M.S.

Left- Some of the Purple Pumpers at a rest stop / Right & Below Mikaela and Me out biking with friends Chuck "Chris and his son Erik

       Biking with Chuck and his son Kalle

Mikaela and My Dad as we are out on a 26 mile bike ride... a "drop in the bucket" for dad as he is an avid biker

      Dave, Marge and Kristi  Enjoying the Coon Rapids Dan Trail

Minneapolis Bike Tour

And finally... traversing the many bike trails with friends.. from the Munger, to the Gateway, to the Grand Rounds, to the 3 Rivers, to the Luce Line, to the Cannon Valley to the Douglas, to the Root River
what beauty each of the trails brings!!!

Do not the vulnerability
and tenderest places in our heart
shed light on that which shines brightest
in our soul?...

  Conn. Beauty... my 49th state (I'm saving my 50th <Alaska> for when I turn 50)

 Visiting my friend Christine in Conn...

My dear friend will forever be
a ray of beauty shining in me..

Thanks to all who share in this beautiful, challenging, inspiring, exciting,
joyous life journey!
... May my touch within your life shine inside
as you do in mine!!

                    Places of Beauty...

                     As I walk the roads
                                                  Climb the mountains
                                                   Swim the seas
                                                    And lie in the fields...

                                              I am mindful that
                                                  No matter where life's journey leads
                                                  or what meets us along the path
                                              There are physical, geographical, interpersonal and spiritual
                                                  places of beauty
                                                 that bring forth awe
                                                 kissing the tears
                                                 touching the smiles
                                                 caressing the depth of our dreams
                                                 embracing the source of our being
                                                 blossoming warmth, and kindling light
                                                 in the heart, mind and soul
(Kristi Haertl)

As 2010 approaches, I wish you and your family the best.. remember to spend time doing the things you love to do with those you love.

Blessings to each of you!


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