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As I look back at the decade, I am mindful of how fast 10 years can fly by, yet too how many beautiful steps we can take within that 10 years to create memories with friends and family that last a lifetime.  So this year I share not only our family Christmas letter, yet too pictorial memories from the past decade.  Blessings to all!!


                                                                                  A "Haertl'y Christmas Greeting

It seems just yesterday I wrote last year’s Christmas greeting, where does the time go?  2010 personally brought travel opportunities north, south, east and west and our family ventured to see Dan’s mom Dal in Wisconsin, and we enjoyed trips twice to Vegas, to the north woods of MN, and West to enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon.  Mikaela, her girlfriend Hannah, my dad and I also traversed north to our favorite Christian Family Camp at Northern Pines. Mom and dad still live in Golden Valley and dad continues to love tennis, travel & dancing.  And in March we celebrated Dan’s mother’s 90th bday!  Thus a good year, with the exception of the unexpected death of my 13 year old soul kitty, Midnight :_(  I still miss her dearly. In order to provide our other cat Mittens a friend, we have a new adorable delinquent 2 year old Jack <yes, he’s a cat   :  )  >.

                                                                                                                                                   Enjoying the Grand Canyon

Dan: Since Dan’s transition from church work last year, he has been busy with various part time work activities including his kids’ band, tennis, and is in a new position supervising a weight room at Columbia Heights High School. Dan’s tennis activities continue to grow as he is the head coach at both Maple Grove (girls) and Centennial (boys) high schools. He too serves as a Tennis Pro at various sites and debuted as an academic staff member, now teaching at the University of Minnesota. He has had the opportunity to work with some excellent athletes and teaches tennis to folks ranging in ages from 4-80!  Highlights of Dan’s year include singing with Mikaela in Dan’s niece (Kristin’s) wedding, going to the Beatle’s LOVE show in Las Vegas (yes it was awesome), and spending time with family.

Dan's Band "Sticks & Tones" playing at Lake Harriet Bandshell

Dan's mom turns 90!!

 Ready to go to the Cirque Du Soliel Beatles LOVE Show!

Road to Red Rock Canyon

Hoover Dam

Kristi: Having just completed my 28th year teaching aerobics and amidst my 14th year as a professor at St. Catherine University, I am mindful of what a blessing it is to hold two positions I absolutely love.  Academics brought many venues for publishing and presentations including the opportunities to present research at our World Occupational Therapy Congress in Santiago Chile and at a joint international research conference in London Ontario. As we drove from Detroit to London Ontario I was mindful of the many beautiful drives and trips from childhood to present day with friends and family.  Personal adventures this year included hiking in the Andes, captaining our 14th Purple Pumpers team on the MS 150 bike tour and running the TC marathon untrained as I was only 5 weeks post bike accident.  Highlights included many running and biking events (including a duathalon, marathon, and various events with friends), many rewarding travels, sharing bike rides throughout Minnesota, and spending precious time with dearly loved friends and family.

                                                                                         Red Rock Canyon (left)... Fun at aerobics (right)

Above- Running the Mpls. Duathalon with my friend Chuck "Chris"
Below- the 2010 TC Marathon in memory of my dear brother Brian

2010 Purple Pumpers XIV (MS150: Duluth-Minneapolis) Looking forward to 2011!

Vina Del Mar- Chile

Mikaela, is now a junior at St. Kates and is doing well. She is consistently on the Dean’s list, active in the Artist Coalition and is working as a tutor at two inner city schools. This year she has elected to write her section…

Mikaela: has had quite the transitional year (as is so often cliché’lly said). Saying goodbye to her ever faithful long blonde hair, Mikaela has spontaneously cut it all off and says hello to her new mowhawk. Shocking her parents and having to re-introduce herself to everyone, Mikaela enjoys ‘the do’ on most days. She is now in her third year at St. Catherine University, rockin’ the Education Department, aiming to receive her K-6 licensure next year (*knocks on wood*). She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her best friend/sister Jodi, smokin’ girl Hannah, stellar rents and the Diment family. Some of the golden memories include a saintly-sober Vegas vacation, Family Camp, road trips, Duluth outings, Tea Garden shindigs, music fests, dancing the night away and tutoring at an inner-city, all-girls middle school.

 (Thanks for an entertaining section Mikaela!)

Mikaela dad and I checking out the world at Itasca state park

A favorite park/ trail where I run and bike near our home-- Had to offer at least one pic of the snowy season!

So there you have it, the Reader’s Digest Condensed version of the Haertl family’s 2010 experience.  We wish joy and happiness to each of you as we celebrate Christ’s birth and may you have a very Merry Christmas and a year full of many Blessings! 


                                                                                          Where is it you find joy?
                                                                                           Where is the beauty in your heart?
                                                                                            Who is it that touches your innermost soul
                                                                                             Where does the love of God start?
                                                                                               When will we seek to know
                                                                                                 Where peace and love begin
                                                                                                   We're here as wind does blow
                                                                                                     With each new loving start.....
                                                                                                                         Kristi Haertl

Kristi's Friends and Family...  A Snapshot Look Back at the Decade!

Family--- Through the Years....

Sacremento Cali--early 2000's                                                                            Enjoying the Natl. Park


Awesome Pic!! :-)                                                                                         Mikaela & her best friend Jodi near Itasca

Golden Gate Bridge

Family Reunion Dan's side of Family  around 2003

Dan with one of his many tennis teams (some of the Hamline Univerisity players)

Mikaela Turning Sweet 16!!!-- Yes, driver's license :)

Mikaela in Rugby-- She played for the Minnesota Rugby Association 3 years and was Captain for 2 years

               Mikaela jumping for the ball in rugby.. (yes, they pull them up by their shorts!!) ...In addition to jumping she was also the fly half (and captain)

2008 above/ below- Mikaela graduates with high honors from Blaine High School

Family Camp!! One of our Many Years Attending!

Sadly, after 40 years in the family-- in 08 we said good bye to our beautiful cabin- here's a couple pics from year's past

One of our many years collecting food for the foodshelf at the Holidazzle- yes, we bundle up!!

Costa Rica

Pets---A few of those adorable felines who have graced the past decade

Oreo and Midnight (our 3rd & 4th cats-- both lived to age 13) Oreo died in 06; Midnight in 2010

Following the death of Oreo we got our adorable polydactyle cat Mittens  (we always have 2 at a time)

Mittens and Midnight (Midnight was my soul kitty) <pictured here Mittens was  5 and Midnight 13>

Following Midnight's death we got this adorable delinquent 1.5 year old cat Jack to befriend Mittens

Jack lounging

Friends; Friends; Friends!! 

Girl's Night Out!!!  -- Every couple of months I get together with a group from high school... yes, high school :)

More pics with high school friends-- many of us were in sports (x-c running/ x-c skiing/ track) and on National Honor Society Together- 25th reunion 2007

We are lucky to find even one soul mate.. I am fortunate to have such dear soul mate friends: Here is my soul sister Julie and I taking on the weight of the world

Visiting my friend Christine in Hamden

Out to Fabulous eats with friends Rhoda and Linda (left and Rhoda & Chuck right)

Chatterbox Pub!!

Celebrating with my friend Carrie Christiansen after Grandma's marathon!!

Kristine, Linda & Beth -- as friends gather at Linda's farm!

Mikaela and I out with my friend Ron Johns and the whole crew!

Seems like many of the social events with my friends are sports related or eating?! :)

Biking with Friends and Family!!!! 

One of our many Purple Pumpers Teams!!

You too can join us and bike with your friends on one of our charity biking events!! (We will attend our 15th event next year)

Out riding with friends! (Dad and Mikaela along too!)

Lanesboro with my friend Chuck, his son Erik & Mikaela (above) and with his son Kalle on the Douglas trail (below)

Mikaela and Grandpa -- hit the trails

Riding with Marge- Bob & Dave

Mpls. Bike Tour

One of many favorite Minnesota Bike Trails!
                                               Picture taken on a beautiful bike ride with a friend

Work Life--- Aerobics!!

After 25 years of Teaching aerobics-- the Lifetime Fitness bought the Northwest Athletic Clubs and closed Hwy 100..above is a pic of our last class... have been teaching since its closure in 06 for Lifetime fitness at both New Hope and the Beautiful Fridley clubs

Getting ready for class with my friend John

Aerobics Christmas Wishes!!


Loving what I do.. pictured with one of my classes at St. Kates

Conference Travel... I feel so blessed to have an opportunity!! 

One of Many fabulous AOTA conferences!!

Celebrating with St. Kates folks at AOTA after the Awards Ceremony

Darling Harbor- World Federation of Occupational Therapy- Sydney Australia-- Wonderful Conference


Loving Bondi Beach Australia!!

The Chinese Friendship Garden- Sydney Australia--- Beautiful!

Sandia Peak- New Mexico-- Beautiful!!!


The Andes

The beauty of Long Beach

Enjoying the Harbor

Dinner with friends Chuck and Linda in Florida

SSO has been a blast over the years!!!!

Etsuku and Ruth enjoying the sing - a - long

Combined Canadian and US Occupational Science Societies Research Conference-- out on the town

Jeff Markovics (former student) and I getting ready to present our autism study

The beauty of the Ivey Spencer Center

Biking along the Thames

Personal and Family Travels....

Estes always takes the breath away


                                                                                               The beauty of the ocean from a Southern Seawall

Conn. beauty (my 49th state) I'm saving Alaska (my 50th) for when I turn 50

Costa Rica                                                                                                                                              Nicaragua-- A live volcanic explosion


                                                                                                    The beauty of Costa Rican Sunsets!! 

From the north, to south, to east to west-- the Country offers such beauty!!

  Below-  Pallisades State Park- South Dakota



One of many favorite Minnesota parks-- great for walking :-)

Northern Pines Family Camp

Another mesmerizing sun up at Northern Pines

The Dominican Republic


     The beauty, and joy found in our National Parks....  Pictures have power to capture a million moments... (above/ below a favorite Park out East)

          Places of Beauty...

                     As I walk the roads
                                                  Climb the mountains
                                                   Swim the seas
                                                    And lie in the fields...

                                              I am mindful that
                                                  No matter where life's journey leads
                                                  or what meets us along the path
                                              There are physical, geographical, interpersonal and spiritual
                                                  places of beauty
                                                 that bring forth awe
                                                 kissing the tears
                                                 touching the smiles
                                                 caressing the depth of our dreams
                                                 embracing the source of our being
                                                 blossoming warmth, and kindling light
                                                 in the heart, mind and soul
(Kristi Haertl)

Blessings to all, Merry Christmas and a Beautiful New Year!! 


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