A Haertl'y 2011 Christmas Greeting!!

                                                                                           Kristi's Friends and Family 2011- Christmas Page

Greetings friends and family!!!  This is the e-version of our Christmas letter with a few extra pictures and every bit as much joy and enthusiasm as we wish you a beautiful Christmas!!

Christmas greetings to friends and family! 2011 was a busy but good year for us! Personal and professional travels took me on incredible trips to Pennsylvania, Washington DC/ Maryland and Park City Utah and our family traversed Wisconsin many times, Fort Myers/ Sanibel Florida, and Puerto Rico.  As Mikaela finishes out her senior year earning high honors in education at St. Catherine University, we wonder where the time has gone!  She is now 21 but most of the folks who card her think she is still about 15 :). Dan continues active in his band and tennis, sometimes teaching several hours at a time- most doctors would place him at 15 years younger!:)Our parents aredoing well as Dan's mom will be 92 and at age 78 my dad rode the MS 150 with us this year (our Purple Pumpers team has now gone 15 times), and too, my good friend Chuck Christiansen invited us to dance in the American Occupational Therapy Foundation Dancing with the Stars held at our national conference in Philadelphia..what a blast!!!

One of our favorite places to eat... Benihana!!!


Dan continues to coach the Maple Grove girls and Centennial boys high school tennis teams. In addition, he supervises a weight room in Columbia Heights and has worked as a Tennis Pro at various places. Dan has also had the blessing to teach tennis courses at the University of Minnesota. He describes his students as coming from all walks of life and has met many wonderful people! His band Sticks and Tones continues to play at various venues; many of your community parks and events have hosted them!  Dan describes highlights of his year as including his band playing for 500 excited people in Maple Grove; enjoying the summer with me, and times with Mikaela and the family; our family trip to Puerto Rico along with its many adventures in San Juan and the rainforest; and turning 65 (yes, he qualifies for Medicare) yet feels much younger. Dan mentioned that he considers good health such a blessing.

Dan with one of his Tennis classes at the University

A little Croc in the Everglades..

I took these pics in the beautiful Fort Myers/ Sanibel Island Beaches!!

The above pictures were taken in Puerto Rico-- we stayed in a beautiful 4 star resort on the beach and just 1/2 mile from the El Yunque Rainforest

Kristi: I feel so blessed to have two rewarding careers and family and friends dearly loved!Having completed my 28th year of teaching 5:45am aerobics and now in my 15th year as a professor at St. Catherine University I continue active in athletics, writing, teaching, and presentations. Highlights of my year include a promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor; checking off items 8 & 9 on my bucket list (dogsledding with Mikaela and hot air ballooning in the mountains of Utah); dancing with dad in Philly in front of pros :),trip to Sanibel with Dan;family camp up at beautiful Northern Pines, running as a pumpkin in the Monster dash <10 miler>; presenting our research on seniors & dancing in Utah and having it featured in the AARP Bulletin; our family trip to Puerto Rico and the adventures hiking in the rainforest, exploring underground caves and kayaking in the biobays; many fond bike rides with friends; and cherished time with dearly loved friends and family. Life is such a precious blessing!

Exploring one of the world's largest underground cave systems in Puerto Rico
<also kayaked in the glow in the dark biobays and hiked in the rainforest>

My good friend Chuck Christiansen "Chris" invited dad and I to "Dance with the Stars"
for the AOTF gala at the Natl. AOTA conference in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Mother-Daughter Weekend.. Ski Spirit Mountain and Dog Sled with Jim Stetson.. one of Will Steger's partners!

Dogsledding.. what a blast! We took turns driving the sleds (Dogsledding.. checked number 8 off my 12 item bucket list)

Had an incredible time with good friends at the SSO: USA conference in Park City Utah. ... Here I am just getting ready to go hot air ballooning!  Was able to check number 9 off my 12 item bucket list.. what are the other items you ask? :  1- Parasailing- (completed in Mx); 2- Bungee Jumping (completed on Mt. Hood-Oregon); 3- Kayaking (several places including the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico); 4- white water rafting (various places including Colorado and the Dominican Republic); 5- Mission trips (various, including two that were a little longer to Mexico to build a laundry, apartment and add to a church); 6- Making a difference in mental health (believe I have but this is a life long goal); 7- Run a marathon in memory of Brian (ah, what fun those marathons are!!- last year the Twin Cities Marathon, this year we had a team and shared in the fun at the Minneapolis marathon); 8- Dogsledding (Mikaela and I went this year with will Steger's partner <north of Duluth>; 9- Hot air ballooning in the mountains (ah, beautiful Utah, got to go this year)!  ... Still three to go (sky dive, get to my 50th state <have been to all but Alaska, will go there when I turn 50>; finish my book- hopefully in 2014).  If all goes well I will be done with these by age 50--Mikaela says I need to come up with a new list at that time :)

Catherine Sullivan and I presented our research on the effects of dance on the elderly and on memory/ cognition/ movement, etc. ... It was featured in the AARP Bulletin (circulation of 22 million), if you are interested you can access it here:

Our St. Catherine University partnership & research with Kairos featured here

Washington DC- 2011

The beauty of the Nation's Capital- I hold many fond memories of various DC and Eastern travels over the past few decades

Mikaela embarked on some wonderful festivities these last twelve months. She is finishing her senior year at St. Catherine University spending three days a week in a third-grade classroom in Minneapolis; next semester she will be student teaching on the East side. Mikaela has a bundle of favorite memories from the year including: spending time with family, big sister/best friend Jodi, and with my education friends. Magical trips to New Orleans, Puerto Rico and Family Camp also make the list of super-awesome events of the year. Last but not least, Mikaela is proud, honored, and blessed to tutor and work with the greatest middle-school girls of all time. She learns just as much (or more) from them, than they do from her!!

Mikaela enjoying our Mother- Daughter Ski and Dogsledding outing

Mikaela and Dan at the apple orchard  (photo courtesy of Shelley Diment)

Family Camp-- Northern Pines-- 2011

                                                                                                                                                                      The Beauty of the Sunsets at Northern Pines                             



                These two beautiful sunset pictures were taken at a favorite family camp Mikaela and I attend each year, at times with each other, at times my dad has joined us, at times Mikaela has brought friends and guests including her best friend Jodi...

Kristi's Additional Miscellaneous Friends and Family Pics...

Puerto Rico-- Beautiful!

Biking with Friends and Family!!!

Purple Pumpers Training Ride

This year my 78 year old dad joined the team and biked the whole thing at a good clip!!!

Biking friends ready for the MS 150!!

Purple Pumpers 15.. Duluth to the Cities!!

Biking with dad and my friend Chuck "Chris"... I believe this time it was on the Cannon trail

Several Friends Ride the St. Paul Classic




                                               Picture taken on a beautiful bike ride with a friend


Additional Friends' Pics..

Girls Night Out!!!  On Left ... and Sunshine factory ; on right-- with my friend Carol Kuefler (from Spain) and Amy Buck

Part of our Minneapolis Marathon Team..Running with Nancy & Suzy.. What Fun!

A few more travel pics...

inside the San Juan Fort- Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico -- The El Yunque Rain Forest

Camuy Caves.. one of the largest underground cave systems in the world:

The beauty and blast of Park City/ Deer Valley!!!

Ready to take off!

Some of our Group Ready to ride!!

Dinner out with friends

Deer Valley, Near where we stayed

Awesome times.. awesome fun!!

Merry Christmas from our aerobics crew!!

Here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!




May joy come to you and those loved this season


                      Merry Christmas to All!!!


Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, let us all take time to thank the Good Lord for the many blessings with which our lives our graced.   May you know you are loved and cared for and may the season bring you joy.  Thank you for your friendship, your support, and your presence.  Let us thank the Lord for those special souls...   who grace our lives.


Christmas Beauty

Snow fallen splendor
breathes holiday cheer
as folks busy bustle
signs Christmas near
The fervent, the feverish
rush to the store
As the season unfolds
and knocks at our door
The trees all need trimming
The stockings must be hung
The cards must be written
The bells must be rung
Yet in all the magic
In all the cheer
Take time to pause
for time with those dear
For God's love came down
and graced our Earth's Sky
In giving his gift, for you and I
Let's pause in our thanks
to the dear Lord above
and share with each other
our kindness and love
I thank each of you
for your presence you see
and how you grace
my life journey
I wish for you
both far and near
A Very Merry Christmas
and Blessed New Year!!!


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