Kristi's Friends and Family Christmas Page 2012

Greetings All,  As the end of 2012 is upon us, I am so deeply grateful for a year of so many personal blessings and valued time spent with those most loved.  Yet too, I think of the many sad events recently both nationally, and globally.  May we each pause in prayer this Christmas, for all those loved, for the many blessings, and too, for Christmas peace, Blessings to all!!

                                                        I share with all of you an adapted version of our family Christmas Letter, adorned with pictures!

                                                                                  A "Haertl'y Christmas Greeting- 2012

Greetings to friends & family! We hope this Christmas season finds you well.We had a wonderful 2012 filled with travel, adventure and times with those loved.In May Mikaela graduated with high honors (summa cum lauda). We celebrated with a trip to France and England, spending much of our time in Paris and London. It was spectacular & included many wonderful sights, and the opportunity to visit Harry Potter studios where the films were made; we even stood in the Great Hall! Mikaela and I also ventured to our favorite family camp, and I captained our 17th MS 150 Purple Pumpers team! Dan continued his ventures with music and tennis and we added an adorable brown and white rat Rue to our family (which also includes two adorable cats, Jack, and our polydactyl, Mittens). Our parents are well; Dan's mom is now 92 and moved into assisted living at the same complex where she lives, she is keeping active and even enjoys OT! My parents are still in Golden Valley, at 79, dad is still very active, qualifying for the Senior Olympics in tennis, & again joined our Pumpers team, biking all 150 miles of our MS trip (Duluth-cities).

BIKING FUN!!!!                           

                                                                            Pre-MS150 Training Ride

Pumpers Pre-Ride Dinner  & The Purple Pumpers at the St. Louis River just prior to the first rest stop     

                                                                                                            What a fine looking pumpers team!!!


                                                                                               Break time at conference... trying a fancy bike out with my good friend Chuck, "Chris"-- quite an adventure on the route they sent us!

                                                                                                                        Minneapolis Grand Rounds

                                          Dad & I venture to Western Minnesota for a Family history Bike Ride... Hector- Willmar-Glacial Lakes Trail-Spicer-New London-Delano-Fun!

Dan: Tennis and music continue to keep Dan busy as his Sticks & Tones family band played in a variety of venues including several community festivities, one of which had over 2000 in attendance (in Plymouth). He teaches tennis classes in the Dept. of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota, does lessons in Spring Lake Park and at Baseline, and coaches the Maple Grove girls and the Centennial boys tennis teams. Looking 10 years younger and as fit as 15 years younger, it's hard to believe Dan has the blessing of a monthly Social Security check. Perhaps now we should venture into purchasing that long needed but procrastinated carpeting our house is crying for? :) Highlights of Dan's year include continued opportunities to work with those much younger (which he says helps to maintain a youthful outlook), spending time with family and friends, and the blessings of good health throughout the year.


                                                                                                    Dan with one of his tennis classes at the University of Minnesota

Kristi: I continue in two positions I love as I have ventured into my 16th year as a Professor in OT at St. Kates and ventured into my 30thyear (hard to believe) teaching group fitness classes.On the side I continue with a small private practice and have taken on a book project as both editor and author which is a challenging, adventurous learning experience.  In August I had the blessing of checking off number 10 on my 12 item bucket list as Mikaela and I jumped out of a plane (yes, we had parachutes :).. Completion of the book & getting to my 50th state (Alaska when I turn 50) are my final two, but perhaps I will need a new list? Highlights of my year included the honor of being Awarded & Named Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association, the many cherished travels with family and friends (especially Europe, and a recent work related trip to Oregon), many miles with friends (and dad) on bike trails, and the blessings of spending so much time with dearly loved friends and family. I now hand this off to our beautiful daughter who again this year wrote her section. Take it away Mikaela! You will see her cleverly written section below

                                                                  We Wish You A Merry Christmas!!!

AEROBICS Fun!!!                                       
                                                                                        Aerobics breakfast after our Battle of the Sexes Contest

30th High School Reunion!

                         Pic with Amy and Eric Buck!


             Yours truly with long time high school friends (both academic & sports related) Karen, Lauren, Carol, Jane & Amy (we get together a few times a year )!!

                                        Sunshine Factory- Girls Night Out

Mikaela had a stellar year full of lots of life changes. In the spring she graduated from St. Catherine University with a degree in Elementary Education; once she fills out that darn paper work (which she actually did this eve in December), she will have her K-6 teaching license. She very much misses college and all of the magical events that it entails; however she is loving where she’s at now. Mikaela decided to take a position at Laura Jeffrey Academy, a girl-focused, tuition-free charter middle school in the city of St. Paul; she has been tutoring there since the age of 19 (yes, she is already 22, though mistaken daily for a young teen). It is here that she works as an educational assistant with students with special needs, both in and out of general ed. classes. Miss Mikaela (as she is so known as, at school) also teaches algebra to 8th graders in an after-school tutoring program. Last, but certainly not least, she is the leader of an after-school club, GSA (Gay-Straight-Alliance). She is ecstatic and truly blessed to be working, and be a part of, such a beautiful community. Other highlights include: Traveling to Europe and being a part of other experience-rich travels, moving to South Minneapolis, having ridiculously wonderful times with college and teacher friends, being artsy and musical, getting her beloved mohawk back and dancing the night away.


                                                   Our annual Family Camp outing.. Mikaela and I hiked 10 miles at Itasca & climbed the tower!

                                                                                                                          Mikaela at graduation with yours truly, Dan, and my dad "Grandpa Wayne"

                                                                                                            Like father like daughter.. Mikaela playing guitar.. some think this will be her first album cover :)


SKY DIVING!!!... Was able to check number 10 off my 12 item bucket list.. what are the other items you ask? :  1- Parasailing- (completed in Mx); 2- Bungee Jumping (completed on Mt. Hood-Oregon); 3- Kayaking (several places including the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico); 4- white water rafting (various places including Colorado and the Dominican Republic); 5- Mission trips (various, including two that were a little longer to Mexico to build a laundry, apartment and add to a church); 6- Making a difference in mental health (believe I have but this is a life long goal); 7- Run a marathon in memory of Brian (ah, what fun those marathons are!!- last year the Twin Cities Marathon, this year we had a team and shared in the fun at the Minneapolis marathon); 8- Dogsledding (Mikaela and I went this year with will Steger's partner <north of Duluth>; 9- Hot air ballooning in the mountains (ah, beautiful Utah, got to go last year), 10-  ... The thrill of sky diving!!!! Mikaela and I loved it so much we bought a second jump!  ... What are the other 2? Toget to my 50th state <have been to all but Alaska, will go there when I turn 50>; finish my book- hopefully in 2014).  If all goes well I will be done with these by age 50--Mikaela says I need to come up with a new list... I have thought of a couple other things I'd like to add.

                                              Yours Truly- Epic View                                                                                               Mikaela loves to fly!

Travel Adventures.. (North, South, East, West, Abroad)... Here's just a few of the Many Travel Adventures!

Palm Springs/ Rancho Mirage/ Conchella

Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage... Here we are in the Palm Desert at Coachella


Indianapolis- 2012 American Occupational Therapy Conference..
I was humbled to be awarded as a Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association


                                                                                              Out walking with a friend at a park near the Indy Zoo..


           Humbled by the number of students who came to show support at the Awards Ceremony- Pictured After

On Stage Receiving the Award from Florence Clark

Iceland; France (Paris/ Normandy/ Giverny); the UK (London, England)


                                            Iceland                                                                                                                                Bascilica of Sacre Cour- Paris

                                            London Decked out for the Olympics                                                             The Tower Bridge





Family at Monet's Gardens in Giverny France

The Beauty of Portland and the SSO: USA Research Conference (I presented on an international panel on research methodology) What a great conference!


Columbia Gorge                                                                                                                                                                Beauty at Mulnomah Falls


                                                                                        Enjoying Portland Eves!!!


                                                            While Out west got to spend time with the Cousins!!! :)   <Kym, Guy, Loren, Burt, Sarah>

Blessings from the Haertl’s and warm wishes for 2013!


Harry Potter Studios- England  (where the films were made)

I pause in gratitude for the beauty of time spent dearly loved friends and family this past year:
May you and those most loved enjoy the warmth and love of the Christmas Season
and let us remember of the precious love of God came down to earth
that we may hold love and light in our hearts!!!


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