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Greetings friends and family!  As is tradition, it is time for my annual Christmas web page as I share a bit about my life, my family, my friends, my family, my passions, and my travel.  I pray that the year has treated you all well and that each day you are blessed by the journey. I will start with our annual family Christmas letter, and too share pictures and photos, not only of family, but also of friends, and adventures that 2013 graced my life with....



2013- Beautiful Christmas Tree in Washington DC
(weather was 3 degrees in Mpls. when I flew out- 65 degrees in DC!)

A "Haertl'y Christmas Greeting

Greetings friends and family! We hope that the season finds you well and feeling blessed. It has been a busy year for all of us with family trips to the Bahamas, New Hampshire, and many trips to Wisconsin as Dan's mom went to dance with the angels in October. In addition, Mikaela, my dad, and my aunt Sandy and I went to family camp again this year, and dad and I had the blessing of a European trip in November. Mikaela moved out with her girlfriend Sarah, and Dan and I are parents to 3 cats (Mittens, Jack and Dragon) and a black & white rat, Rue. You may ask how we started our own little zoo; 2 of the pets (Dragon and Rue) we inherited from Mikaela!

Celebrating at the Mn Gophers Women's Hockey (won Natl. Champs)... Mira, a star player was in Dan's tennis class


Dan- Dan continues to coach high school tennis at Maple Grove (girls) and Centennial (boys) and teaches tennis at the University of Minnesota. In addition, he has been busy teaching kids at the U of Mn Baseline Tennis Center and coaches summer camps. His band "Sticks and Tones" is going strong and played at venues in various community summer festivals (e.g., music in the park). Highlights for Dan include our family trips, going to church with his mom just prior to her death, and going to state again with one of his talented players on the Centennial team. He also had a blast singing at Maple Grove at their Community Concert series as 500 people danced, sang and cheered along. We too enjoyed seeing family members at his mom's funeral. Too often it is the weddings and funerals at which we see family from afar. Perhaps we should all consider additional ways to maintain those valuable connections.


On October 24th 2013 Dan's mom went to dance with the angels at the age of 93.  She is pictured on the left with us at Thanksgiving (2012) and on the right with her husband Mel who died on August 9th of 2005.  We will miss her.

One of Dan's Tennis Classes at the University of Minnesota

Our New Baby... We traded in the Old for a 2006 Honda Shadow... Love it!!

Had some Great Family Trips this year including this one to the White Mountains of New Hampshire-- Left, Franconia Gorge; Right, Cannon Mountain

Kristi- I continue as a professor at St. Kates and too, just finished my 30th year of teaching early morning 5:45am aerobics! (Can you believe it?)!  I feel so blessed having had the chance to take another sabbatical to work on a book project. Sabbatical offered time for many scholarly projects, presentations at various conferences and venues, travels, and time with dearly loved friends and family. Adventures included professional, family and personal trips to Europe, Bahamas, Massachusetts., New Hampshire, California, DC/ Maryland, Kentucky, and much more. I would highlight the entire year as beautiful; from captaining our 18th annual MS 150 bike team; to a trip to Lutsen skiing with my friend Catherine, to travels with family and personal travels to see friends, to ziplining in the underground caves of Louisville, to sharing Europe with dad and friends (including my high school friend Carol in Spain); to sharing many bike trails, dinners, movies, talks, walks, and life aspirations…I thank God daily for the precious journey.…


With my friends the MS 150 Purple Pumpers XVIII!!!

Dad and Me in front of the walled city of Avila (Spain)

And now onto Mikaela who has written her own section again this year :) .. oh and yes, “rents” means parents)

Mikaela- continues to work with crazy, wonderful, challenging, amazing middle schoolers as a Special Education Assistant at an all-girls charter school in St. Paul.  She is so fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to educate youth in the fields of literacy and social studies, focusing on topics such as racism, women's studies, gender identity and social justice. Talk about a rad(ical) curriculum for 12 year olds! One of Mikaela's highest highlights of the year was moving into a condo in NE Minneapolis with her stllar-beautiful-intelligent-woah girlfriend Sarah, and their loner gerbil, John-Locke. She does, however, really miss her kitten Dragon, that she spontaneously bought in the spring (her parents are gosh-darn lucky). Other highlights of the year include: spending time with Sarah, best friend Jodes, and her rents; family camp; New Hampshire; playing guitar/singing with her dad at events; leading PRIDE for her kids; being in a singing flash mob of "Seasons of Love" at PRIDE; playing on a rugby team in the spring; a trip to Duluth with Sarah; laying in the sun; missing her mohawk; being a social bug and dancing like a fool. She hopes you are all doing super stellar and wishes you wonderful holiday celebrations!

Up at Family Camp- Left with aunt Sandy on the bike trails/  Right- With Mikaela's friend Heather

Left--- Mikaela drums alongside her Laura Jaffrey Academy students in the Pride parade... (right) Adorable Mikaela and Sarah!!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Years from the Haertl Family!... Continue for more pictures!!

Additional Photos of My Friends, Family, and Life's Precious Journey 

A Few Pics from Personal; Professional & Family Travels....

The Beauty of the  Bahamas- We took a Sailing Cruise to a Remote Island-- Right, loving the beauty of the Bahama beaches!

AOTA National Conference- San Diego

Left- San Diego Botanical Gardens/  Right- AOTF Scholar Breakfast with my friend Charles "Chris" Christansen (CEO), Pres. Ginny Stoffel, & Student Reps Katie & Derek

Left- Pictured with My friend Linda at one of the events/                                  Right-  The SCU contingent attending the Awards Ceremony

New Hampshire....

The beauty of the White Mountains and the incredible state and National Parks there!

Lutsen Ski Trip with My Friend Catherine:

Left- We stayed at the beautiful Lutsen Superior Resort...                                                Right- Skiing with bunny man!


Left- Wall around Avila (dad and I stayed in 16th century palace there)                            Right- Visiting with my friend Carol's family who lives in Spain

Left-  Roman Ruins                                                                                                                   Right- Castle in Sintra Portugal

The beauty of Portugal!  Here I am enjoying Estorial Portugal... we were so pleasantly surprised with Portugal's beauty and all it had to offer!

SSO USA Research Conference- Kentucky

Left- St. Kates crew at the evening dinner                                                                Right- Our Panel Presentation and Supportive Students!

Left- Kentucky Gorge                                                                               Right- I ziplined in the only underground zipline in the world... in the Mega Cavern in Louisville KY


Left- Family Camp- Northern Pines                                                                                            Right- Capitol Beauty


Biking Fun!!!

Purple Pumpers XVIII Training Party: Over the years the MS 150 has taken on special meaning as now two of our members have MS (they didn't when we started riding)- through the years we've raised over $85,000 for charity bike events, most of which has gone to efforts to fight MS

Minneapolis Grand Rounds Bike Tour

A Couple Pics from our Many Girls Night Out Events...(A group of friends from high school still regularly gets together every 2-3 months)...

Girl's Night Out!!!

We say goodbye to my soul sister Julie who after teaching fitness with her for over 15 years and friends nearly 20- she moved up to Two Harbors--I'll visit you soon Julie!!

Merry Christmas From our Fitness Family Through the Years...  (I have now taught Aerobics over 30 years)...

And A Final and Blessed Merry Christmas from our Volunteers for the Holidazzle the Past Couple Years... After 14 years of volunteering to walk in front of the Holidazzle and collect food for the Emergency food Shelf we say goodbye to a grand tradition as the Holidazzle we no longer be in existence. ... Over the years we collected over $40,000 in donations and over 8 tons of food!!

May this season of the beautiful Christ Child's birth fill your heart with love and may we all seek to understand how we can make a positive difference in the world.
Blessings to each of you
Kristine Haertl

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