Kristi's 2016 Friends & Family Christmas Page 


                                                               A Haertl'y 2016 Christmas Greeting!

Greetings Friends and Family!  We pray you’re well as 2016 ends and the dawn of 2017 nears. The year brought joys and sadness.  Dan and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and went back to Hawaii (this time Kauai). Additional personal and professional travels afforded wonderful trips to Ireland, Maine, Chicago, the North Shore 5x, and many other fun places.  Our Purple Pumpers team traversed on our 21st MS 150 ride from Duluth to Minnesota and have now raised over $112,000 towards MS research!  We too had many adventures and are blessed to have moved into a beautiful detached townhome on the lake (in Blaine).  We are sorely missing mowing the lawn, snow removal & raking (not!) :) Dad and mom are still active and well. Sadly, just a day after Mikaela & I went up to Family Camp, dad’s sister Sandy who used to go up there with us, unexpectedly died.  Life is so precious!

                                                                                       Dan, Yours Truly, Mikaela and her Fiance Sarah

                            Biking up at Family Camp in 2015 (Dad's late sister Sandy is standing next to him- she was 75 when she died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm)

Photos of our beautiful new detached townhome (we are in one of four bays on the lake)


Dan- continues to remain active and is fit and looks 15 years younger than his actual age (he celebrated a big birthday this year)! Dan continues with an active tennis schedule as the Maple Grove Girls’ and Centennial Boys’ coach and too teaches tennis classes at the University and is a tennis teaching pro at the University of Minnesota & Public Indoor tennis. This year he was blessed to have a 7th grader from his Maple Grove team go to state!  Dan also remained active in music not only with his band, but also providing valued music at church on occasion. Highlights of Dan’s year include the trips to Ireland and Hawaii, many successful gigs with his band Sticks and Stones, our new dream home, and many cherished times with the family.

Left- We came upon this cool photo of Dan as                                   Right: Dan with Zoe Adkins- 7th grader who made it to State!
a quarterback at St. Olaf!


Dan with one of his Tennis classes at the University                                                                                                                          Dan and his tennis tourney stars!

Kristi-  I am actively teaching overload as a professor, yet things are a little more mellow as my book is finished and though I have smaller writing projects, nothing is overly demanding of my time. As a result, I have had the opportunity for extra presentations as I had the blessing of presenting in Ireland, Chicago, Maine, serving as the Keynote Communications Award speaker at our state OT conference, and too, several others.  I too continue (now in my 34th year)  teaching group fitness, and continue to have a private occupational therapy practice in psychiatric and developmental disabilities.  I am loving our new home, frequently running, walking and biking on the trails in our area (and sharing the trails throughout the state). I too love  taking the kayak out on the lake.  Highlights of the year include the many incredible travels to other lands, spending time with those dearly loved, and enjoying God’s great Earth, and the precious earthly journey.  Thanks to all for delighting my world!

Above Right and Left- Some of the Purple Pumper Folk on training rides.... This year was our 21st- thanks to all for helping to raise over $110,000 through the years


Above- The North Shore in 2 Seasons--- Left- Summer Fun/ Right  Christmastime!

Left- I had the pleasure of presenting at the COTEC-ENOTHE Congress in Galway Ireland                                                       Right- Photographed at AOTA Conference with my friend Charles "Chris" Christiansen

                                           I still have the blessing of teaching aerobics & Group Fitness-  Now in my 34th year, I am thankful for so many faithful aerobic / group fitness friends!

                                                                 Above- Some of our "Girls Night Out" Crew- A Group of High School Friends that Frequently Gets Together!

Mikaela (wrote her own section)- I had quite the ups and downs this year. I had the opportunity to take several trips throughout the year, primarily going up North with various family members. I am overly joyed and elated to say that Sarah and I got engaged!!! We still live with our perfect cat Dragon in St. Paul. I have now been working in schools for a whopping 9 years; this is my third year as a 1st grade teacher at West Side Summit. I continue to love my exhaustin, rewarding job. Highlights of the year include hanging out with glorious kids and playing in the sun. But more so, my highlights are all about spending time with my parents, ,fiance, best friend and cat. I am so incredibly thankful, grateful and honored to have such an amazing family!

Left- Yours Truly, Dan, Mikaela & Sarah at our niece Katie's wedding                                                                Fun at Bentlyville in Duluth! :)

Additional Fun photo's from life's journey!!!

Miscellaneous Travles

HAWAII (30th Anniversary) - We have been to 3 other islands.. this time to the beautiful Kauai

Left Hiking on the Napali Coast                                                                                   Right "Grand Canyon of the Pacific- Waimea Canyon


Ireland- I was grateful to have the ability to present research at the COTEC- Enothe Conference

Left- Beauty of the Cliffs of Moher                                            Right- Beauty at Burren

                                                                                                                                  Kylemore Abbey

AOTA Conference- Chicago (I presented my Mental Health Research

Left- AOTF VIP Event                                                                Right: Breakfast with a Scholar

Great showing of Students at AOTA!

International Occupational Science Conference- Portland Maine (I presented mental health research there)

The beauty of Portland Maine!!

Left- Out celebrating my birthday with friends Liz, Linda, and Chuck "Chris"                                Right- the beauty of the pier



Purple Pumpers 21st- MS 150 Team!!!

Birthday Celebrations (Dan and Me)- at Benihana!

This page is Dedicated to my deeply loved Family and Friends and in Memory of my Aunt- Sandra Keplinger

As the season comes to the close, may we always remember the love of the good Lord come down to Earth at Christmas
And may we cherish those loved
Blessings to you!

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