Kristi's Friends and Family Christmas Page- 2017 

                                                        A Haertl'y Christmas Greeting- 2017

Greetings and Blessings! We pray you are well.  The past year was good to us and brought many opportunities for personal, work, and family travels including international trips to the Bahamas and Europe, several Northbound travels, and for me, additional fun in Ohio, Seattle, Indy and elsewhere. I again captained the MS 150 Purple Pumpers for the 22nd time – Mikaela joined us this year and at 84 dad was the oldest rider in the entire group of over 3500.- Sadly a severe storm hit that weekend and many were caught outdoors (including dad) in the hail, 60+ mile winds, and heavy rains. Yet many of us were still afforded the opportunity to finish!  Our beautiful detached townhome on the lake sustained heavy exterior damage in the storm along with most of those living in Blaine- thankfully the repairs are nearing completion but we are still waiting on some repairs- some families will have to wait over 2 years to repair all the damage!- Thankfully all were safe and the inside is intact and we are loving our home!



 Left- Enjoying a cruise in Cologne Germany                                                         Right- Mikaela turns 27- where does the time go?

Dan- Dan continues to defy age with an active tennis schedule as the Maple Grove Girl's and Centennial Boys' coach and too teaches tennis classes at the University and is a teaching pro at the University of Minnesota & Public Indoor Tennis. This year he was again blessed to have an 8th grader from his Maple Grove team go to state (2nd year in a row)- Dan and Zoe were featured on the news- he is now wondering about a pending career in acting. :) ... Dan remained active in music with his band. He also played occasionally in church, and provided entertainment at some of our regular neighborhood gatherings on the lake. Highlights of Dan's year include the family trips to the Bahamas, Germany, and Netherlands, continuing active involvement in music, and quality time spent with family.
Left- Dan with Zoe - she has gone to high school state as a 7th and 8th grader!     Above- Maple Grove Team

Tennis fun at the University of Minnesota

Kristi- I feel so blessed having surpassed 20 years as a professor at St. Kates! I love the time with students and consider it a God given gift to teach. The year also offered numerous keynote opportunities including an honor to serve as the Distinguished Speaker at Cleveland University and serve as a guest speaker at the AOTA mental health specialty conference in Indy. Several additional opportunities included presentations at our Centennial conference in Philly and an amazing SSO: USA conference in Seattle. Various publication opportunities have arisen including the blessing of working on another book. Another bucket list item was checked off as dad and I biked on the Mesabi, my last of the Mn bike trails over 10 miles! I too entered my 35th year teaching aerobics and am soul searching for how long as I too am very active with running, biking, lifting and have had a good competition year including qualifying for the triathalon nationals (I don't plan to go but am honored to qualify :) ). Highlights are too many to name but include all the amazing adventures and travels with friends and family. Thanks to all for delighting my world!

Left- Just after giving the featured closing talk at the AOTA Mental Health       Right- Yours truly with dear friend -Charles Christiansen at his AOTA Award of Merit party
Specialty conference

Left- biking with dad on my last of the MN trails- the Mesabi!                                        Right- Family biking in the Netherlands!

Mikaela-Mikaela has had a year full of change and progress. She moved to Minneapolis, where she lives with her stellar cat, Dragon and works as a 3rd grade teacher at an amazing school called Northeast College Prep. She loves every minute of it! She could not ask for a more wonderful, kind, compassionate and hard-working group of students; her kids are THE BEST! This year she thoroughly enjoyed her travels, especially the family adventures to Amsterdam/Netherlands and Germany. Mikaela has also joined a percussion group called Drumheart, which performs at many events in and around the Twin Cities. She is having an amazing time with this group of drummers! As always,
Mikaela has continued to love spending time with her parents, her best friend Jodi, and a few other best friends. She also continues to spend her time playing in the sun, bike riding, playing guitar, drawing, and passionately fighting to dismantle racism (totally similar to playing in the sun and coloring). She is so very thankful for all the beautiful things and people in her life. 
God’s Blessings to All from the Haertl’s!

Above- Mikaela and mom running the Muck Fest Mud run!

Left- Mikaela with Bri                                                                                                                                            Right- Mikaela Bri and Caleb

MORE of Kristi's Friends and Family Photos...


Left- One of our fantastic training rides!                                                                            Right- Yours truly and dad- at 84 he was the oldest on the MS 150 this year!

          This year the MS 150 got hit with a storm on the second day.... despite the rain, several of us were still able to complete the whole ride!

Left- Pre-ride meal at Grizzly's                                                                                    Right- St. Paul Classic

Above- The Mesabi bike trail! - I am a big believer in bucket lists... I finished my first 12 item list by the time I was 50 and am on my second list... I checked off another of the items on the second list... bike all official Minnesota bike trails over 10 miles- dad and I ventured to my last, the Mesabi! what a great time!

Travels- (Just a sampler)


Several North Shore trips with friends and family throughout the year... here's a sample of the winter!

Left- Julie's beautiful land- great for hiking!          Right- Yours truly with former LTF instructor and soul sister :)

Left- Spirit Mountain Beauty                                                    Right - Hiking fun!

European Beauty

LEFT-  The amazing Cologne Cathedral                                                                                                    Beautiful Heidelberg

These two photos demonstrate the beauty of Frankfurt!!!


Below- Snoqualmie Falls- Washington


Left- Snoqualmie Falls Park                                                                                            Right- a cruise in Seattle

Additional Athletic Events....

Left- Family at the Walk for Hope to end Domestic Abuse                                    Right- great running year- 2nd overall in the 4-H clover run

Left- How do you dress for your Christmas races?                                            Right- Annual Mother- Daughter running event- this time, the Muck Fest!

Happy to get 2nd overall/ first in my age for the Supersprint- (despite getting lost running)- qualified for nationals (not going, but honored)

       Professional Fun with Colleagues and Friends...

Honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Distinguished Speaker at Cleveland State University!

Incredible faculty at Cleveland!

                                                                Having a nice dinner with Beth and Kelle!

Amazing Centennial Celebration in Philly at the AOTA Annual Conference- Honored to be an invited speaker for 2 mental health talks

Left- Yours truly with friends and St. Kates folk Kate, Karen & alum Cathy!        Right- Congrats to Charles Christiansen on his Award of Merit!

Left- Honored to be invited by AOTA to lead a panel on mental health private practice   Right- Having a blast at Charles "Chris" Christiansen's Award party

More Award Party Fun!


Mental Health Specialty Conference- Honored to be asked to speak and what a blast spending time with everyone!

Left- Fun out at the Wild Onion!                                                                                        Right- Congrats to Paula for finishing her doctorate!

Left- Fun in mental health class!                                                                                                                        Right- Congrats to Brenda on her doctorate- an honor to serve on your committee!

Christmas party!


Northern Pines Family Camp!!! -20 years of attending :)

Left- Dad and I ready for kayaking and canoeing!                                                 Right- Pine Beauty- Northern Pines Camp (and a side trip to Itasca)


left- Julie and I having lunch out on our deck on the bay                                    Right- Happy birthday Rhoda!

Left- Out on the deck with HS friends Amy, Carol & Beckie                                    Right- GNO at our home :)

Punch Bowl Social Girl's Night Out!

Left- one of many of our morning breakfasts!                                                                Right- More biking fun! :)

Gotta get the pets in!   The white/ gray tabby is our smart but delinquent 9 year old Jack- the beautiful torti is our 13 year old polydactyl Mittens!

Left- Our OTAMMHS                                                                                                             Right- We took Linda to Cirque du Soliel "Crystal" for her birthday! :)

(Occupational Therapy for the Advancement of Minnesota Mental Health Services group- I am the co-founder & co-chair)

Left- Birthday party!                                                                                                            Right- Barn party!


Christmas Beauty     

Snow fallen splendor
breathes holiday cheer
as folks busy bustle
signs Christmas near
The fervent, the feverish
rush to the store
As the season unfolds
and knocks at our door
The trees all need trimming
The stockings must be hung
The cards must be written
The bells must be rung
Yet in all the magic
In all the cheer
Take time to pause
for time with those dear
For God's love came down
and graced our Earth's Sky
In giving his gift, for you and I
Let's pause in our thanks
to the dear Lord above
and share with each other
our kindness and love
I thank each of you
for your presence you see
and how you grace
my life journey
I wish for you
both far and near
A Very Merry Christmas
and Blessed New Year!!!


Left- Yours Truly at Aerobics                                                                                            Right- Dan, Mikaela and I-- a couple years ago! :)

I'm Grateful for every one of you!
Blessings for a beautiful season!

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