Kristi's Friends and Family Christmas Page 2023 

Greetings All,  As the end of 2023 is upon us, we continue to pray for peace in the world, and for the global needs of those near and far.

I pause in gratitude for a year of so many personal blessings and valued time spent with those most loved.  I too am mindful of the reason for Christmas and the importance of conveying love and sharing to one another throughout the world.  May we all contribute to a positive walk in our own lives, with those held most close, and in working towards global peace. Blessings and Merry Christmas... I hope you enjoy this year's family page and some pictorial memories of the past year!


                                                                                  A Haertl’y Christmas Greeting- 2023!!        

Greetings all! We hope you are well and enjoying the holiday season.  As we continue to pray for peace, we are mindful of the blessings the good Lord graces us with.  The past year brought many opportunities for personal and professional travel matching pre-pandemic levels. Dan and I had the opportunity for a number of getaways including to the Florida Keys,  a fabulous summer trip to Switzerland and France, various mini ski trips (I ski but he walks and snowshoes), family camp, and other adventures.  We delighted in spending time with Mikaela’, Bri and the grandkids, Arlo and Caleb and I’ve had a blast with “Grandma Adventures” and babysitting! Dad and mom still live in my childhood home in Golden Valley and at 90, dad is still active dancing, he went to Family Camp with us, and we had an amazing family reunion with his brother Jim and his family – in all over 80 of us were in attendance, very fun!


Dan: Another amazing tennis year for Dan as he defies his age and has the youth of someone much younger. He retired from Centennial tennis but still coaches the Maple Grove Girl’s Tennis (with their highest finish ever at 4th in State) and teaches tennis at the U of MN. He also works as a tennis pro in various places. He too was voted Section Coach of the Year for the 3rd year in a row! Dan also had Mikaela join him in his band gigs playing kids music at a variety of parks around the metro area.  We too are part of our church praise team and volunteer at our food giveaways. Highlights of Dan’s year include the amazing travels, singing in the praise band and with Mikaela, beating Wayzata to make it to state and then winning the match with Elk River to get to the final 4 in state. He too loves being on the lake.

Maple Grove gets 4th in state- their best ever                                                            Two of Dan's Centennial Boy's Tennis Players won Consolation at State!

Kristi: It is hard to believe I am now in my 27th year as a professor at St. Kates!  It was a fun year as travels resumed and I had a number of local and national presentations in addition to various publications, most notably, I had another book published (co-authored with Charles Christiansen), a text on the blend of occupational science and occupational therapy. I had the privilege to again captain our 28th Purple Pumpers team as we again ventured the bike ride from Duluth to the cities. We have now raised over $200,000 for MS research! I too loved the many festivities for dad’s 90th birthday and the family reunion in Wisconsin. Highlights of the year included Grammy Joy amidst all the fun family times and babysitting, the amazing conferences and travel, time on the lake we live on, volunteering at our church food giveaways, and amazing and cherished times with friends and family.

Purple Pumpers 28th- We again rode the MS 150! - Thanks to all for helping us           Photographed here with my friend Chuck Christiansen "Chris"- former CEO of
raise over $205,000 through the years!                                                                          AOTF, - we had a couple publications together this year and a book

Despite injuries it was a good running year
I ran this race with broken ribs but still got 1st in my age :).                      Grammy Joy!

Mikaela, Bri, Caleb and Arlo:  An eventful and busy year, as always! In the spring, Bri started a job at a transportation company- She is a transportation coordinator for a handful of schools in the Twin Cities and she loves it! She also continues to enjoy and do some amazing house projects!  Caleb is now in 5th grade, and is rocking it! He has spent more days and hours than we can count playing baseball and hockey, and has a lot of fun with it! Arlo is now 3 years old, and is obsessed with cooking, Play-Doh, and recently, loving his remote-control car. Both the kids bring so much life, love and joy- they are truly the most wonderful, phenomenal, kind, silly, caring kids.  Mikaela has gone back to the classroom at a new school- now working in a different charter school in NE Minneapolis teaching 3rd grade! Very thankful and glad to have switched to this school, and enjoying the class community.  Mikaela has also found so much happiness and community in different dodgeball leagues, and plays several times a week. So thankful for health and family!



We are thankful for all of you, God’s Blessings this Christmas!

    Trips; Trips Trips....  (Just a few photos from the many travels.. much fun!) 

Florida Keys-

Ski- Ski-Ski (x-c, downhill and snowshoe)!




                                                                                                 One of my many annual treks to the North Shore each year to visit my friend Julie!

Dad's 90th Birthday... Yes folks, he wanted a 3.5 hour swing dance fest- and danced the whole time!

  Get a load of the photo on the cake- yup dad still hula hoops!                     Dad with his dance friend Katie


Conferences- (Only a few pics from many conferences, had the opportunity for multiple fun conference travels and presentations)

AOTA- Kansas City


SSO-USA - St. Louis

         One of my presentations                                            Exploring STL botanical gardens with friends Chris and John                Lunch out at the Union Station


                                                                                                 Dan and I e-biked in the Swiss Alps Single Track Off Road! Fun!


                                                                                     Chamonix and Annecy- Lovely!

Family Reunion on Dad's Side...


I forgot to tell dad it was over 100 stairs to climb up here                 Dad, me, his brother (my uncle Jim and his wife Kathy) and some of their kids, spouses and grandkids, Fun!
No problem, he was up for it!

Pets; Pets; Pets...


Sadly we said goodbye to our adorable polydactyl torti Mittens who was almost 19. We said hello to adorable Halo a month later. Jack their buddy, is 15.

Volunteering- May we all consider how to give back.  We are grateful for a variety of volunteer opportunities including at our church Matthew 25 food giveaway.


Friends, Friends Friends-- (so grateful for so many fun times with friends and family... here are just a few photos
GNO (Girl's Night Out) Then and Now- Left, 14 years ago bowling, Middle - This year our home  /             Right- This year at Pinstripes
   A group of friends from high school gets together regularly for a number of adventures





From our Home to Yours... Have a Beautiful Christmas!


God's Blessings to Each of you!



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