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                        Welcome to the New Year! -                                    

Although the pandemic continues, prayerfully we are in a far better place with vaccinations, boosters and continued information on ways to protect ourselves and others.  It has been fun keeping in touch with many of you and too having the opportunity to see some folks as well!  Just today I was blessed to see Connie who was a long time member of our class.  We too have already start to build our MS 150 27th team -- The event will run the second weekend of June and the team is just over half full, please let me know if you would like to join us!

Helping our Favorite Causes:  

As the pandemic continues, so do the needs of many.  Dan and I recently drove to Colorado when our planned trip to Florida was averted due to all of the airline woes amidst the pandemic.  While we had a very nice time, we could have never predicted that our "adventure" trip would include 100+ mile an hour winds (50-70mph while we were hiking in the mountains), then sadly the fires started just South of where we were staying and too we had a snow storm.  As over 1000 structures were lost, mostly homes, we felt it important to give to the causes to help individuals rebuild. There are many rebuilding following natural disaster and pandemic occurrences, may we remember in the New Year to take care of ourselves and others. 

Here are a few photos from our trip:

      Health and Fitness Information 
* According to the American Council on Exercise active seniors are healthier and enjoy life more.  In addition, exercise has been shown to decrease age related declines in a number of areas. ... As we know, exercise is great for persons of all ages!  Be sure to check with your health professional to assure you are in good health and to determine your fitness needs.

*According to a past Experience Life magazine, you shouldn't microwave plastic containers as they may leak harmful chemicals into your food. Most plastics are not designed to be microwaved. instead it is recommended you pull the food out of the plastic container and put it into a microwave safe container.

* Scientists from the University of Missouri Columbia have found that your daily activity and engagement in activities outside of exercise is just as important as those spent in exercise.  Persons who are physically inactive for hours at a time suffer from lower fat and cholesterol metabolism. Persons can reverse this trend by moving around and taking stretch breaks during the day.

* An interesting study featured in a former Experience magazine discussed Barbara Frederickson, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina), psychologist's study which has found that the "good life" ratio requires three positive emotions for every negative one but that most American's test out at t 2:1 ratio.  The test is available at I have found this to be very helpful as a self-check during the pandemic. Although I tend to be energetic and optimistic, we have all felt some stress during the pandemic and it is important to consider how to maintain self care and nurturing of self and others!

* Amidst the recent local sad event of carbon monoxide poisoning and the death of a family up North, remember to make sure that your carbon monoxide detector is in working order-- it is especially important in the winter months as houses are closed and furnaces are running. Minnesota has a law that all homes must be equipped with a detector.

*A recent study in Metabolism-Clinical and Experimental found that sleep deprivation has a number of adverse effects on the body (and I would say mind)... practice good sleep hygiene, in addition to falling asleep, one way to improve sleep quality is to increase your wakefulness in the morning, use of lights, music, etc. in the morning can help this (I'd say group fitness / aerobics class helps us awake too! ) :0)

*The Jan/Feb 2017 Experience Life magazine spoke of three healthy hobbies, reading, art, and listening to music. The reading correlated with lower risk of dying prematurely and higher cognition... as a professor this is great to hear for me (smile), however I would like to see the actual study in the Social Science and Medicine journal as it didn't discuss online vs. book reading.

*A past Experience Life magazine has some good suggestions for keeping clean air in your home including: changing your filter on a timely basis, b) reducing artificial scents such as synthetic air fresheners, reduce chemical exposures in your home, and provide fresh air once in awhile.

As we head to the New Year and folks begin a new decade, let us be mindful of the importance of intentional and healthful living,
The Hope Heart Institute in Chicago identifies 10 principles of healthy living:
1- Breathe deeply
2- Drink adequate amounts of water
3- Sleep peacefully
4- Eat nutritionally
5- Enjoy activity (and I'd add enjoy others and those special people in your life!)
6- Give and receive love
7- Be forgiving
8- Practice gratitude
9- Develop acceptance
10-Nurture your spiritual side

May we all continue to spend time doing the things we love with those we love while maintaining good safety during the pandemic.  The above information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice of your health professional.


Flashback photos of Group Fitness Parties Past- How many of these individuals can you identify? - Hopefully we can gather again next Christmas

Left- Christmas Group celebrating Marilyn's 90th       Right- Christmas breakfast 2 years ago :)                       

Tim and Connie on the Left                                                                                            Kirk, Marilyn and Charlotte on the Right

Left- Sarah and Ellen enjoying the party                                                             Right- Folks enjoying the party in our new home (2016)


Left- we had the blessing of a Clydesdale wagon ride up North                 Right (and below)- The Haertl's wish you a very Happy New Year!!



Blessings to each of you in the New Year!


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