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Greetings! Welcome to the end of winter and soon to be emergence of Spring! I hope you are well! This winter we had a nice winter breakfast gathering and I want to thank all of you who came to my dad's 90th! Please note, we will have a going away breakfast for Geeta as she is moving- I will send an email notification. We too plan on having some Purple Pumpers bike training rides in preparation for the Purple Pumpers 28th!  We welcome donations to the team!



We will be going out for breakfast to celebrate Geeta's going away- I will send an email
SPRING- We will have a few bike training rides and will likely have one or two more breakfasts

Purple Pumpers! - This year is the Purple Pumpers 28th - through the year we have raised over $175,000 for charity!

Last year's team:

Our rainy but fun MS 150 (it poured for about 135 miles!!)


Some of the Group at our Start                                                                               Rainy but fun at the rest stop



Support the Purple Pumpers!!

Link to support me in my fundraising efforts:

Link to support the team in our fundraising efforts:


Dad's 90th!

Many of you have met my dad who has attended all of our Christmas parties, has ridden on the MS 150 with the Purple Pumpers a number of times (and was the oldest rider in the entire event for several years), and he continues to be active with biking, tennis and dancing. - Thanks to those who helped celebrate his 90th- there was a 3.5 hour Swing Dance at the Eagles Club in Minneapolis by Steve Clarke and the Working Stiffs- thanks to those who joined us! Here are a few photos:

Left- Dad already to dance! (90 looks great on him)                                               Party fun with Mikaela, Arlo and Bri

Some of the Purple Pumpers enjoying the party                                                       Gotta love the cake- yes, that is a photo of dad hulahooping!

Health and Fitness Information

1.  As we get ready for the MS150, here are a few biking tips from University of California (Berkeley):
a) remember proper safety including a helmet, bright colored clothing, gloves for fall protection, and traffic regulations b) start training on fairly flat ground in a lower gear, c) as you change gears, try to keep your pedaling consistent, d) when training for a large event, with time add hills and distance. Happy riding!

2. According to the Weyerhaeurser Hope Heart Institute, often when you feel tired in the middle of the day, it may not be due to hunger, but could be caused by dehydration. A lack of adequate water intake may also cause headaches.

3.  I found this interesting!!  An American Council on Exercise study found that persons who wear casual clothing to work, particularly comfortable shoes, experienced an 8% increase in physical activity during the work day.

4. Building muscle requires an overload to the muscle. Within aerobic training, that generally means building through cardiovascular exercise and it will be affected by your weight, body make up, and personal factors. Strength training requires resistance. Generally those who seek increased muscle size, overload with heavier weights and fewer reps whereas those aiming for endurance use lighter resistance and more repetition.

5.  According to an article in Lifetime Fitness "Experience Life" magazine, a past study found that simple daily meditation may help you calm down, increase energy, and decrease anxiety, depression and anger.  The study used an integrative body mind technique (sorry, it did not cite source).

6. As summer draws close (wishful thinking), remember to keep adequately hydrated. Water is also key in healthy diet and nutrition.  Sometimes people reach for the cookie jar or snacks misinterpreting thirst for hunger.  Keep in mind the type of fluids you are drinking and their impact on your health.

7. According to the Centers of Disease Control (2009), 75% of our national health expenditures are treating chronic diseases.  Lets all choose healthy lifestyles to minimize the risk of chronic disease!

8.  Recently I focused on the FAST screen for stroke... this month we discuss heart attacks. According to the American Heart Association, (2009), ten years ago a goal was set to decrease death rates from heart disease and stroke by 2010. Although heart disease and stroke are still among the top three causes of death in this country, other indicators are that successes have been made in reducing death rates (160,000 reduced deaths in 2005). Obesity, lifestyle and other factors continue to contribute to high levels of heart disease. Given the recent changes in CPR, remember to stay up to date on your CPR and defribrillator training. Remember additional symptoms of heart attack including chest pains, fullness in the chest, onset of autonomic symptoms such as sweating and palor,  shortness of breath, and pain in the upper body radiating to left arm. Remember, time is of crucial importance so 911 should be called first.  This is so very important-- as many of you know, I was part of a response team to a cardiac arrest at the club a few years ago. We were told that the use of the AD saved the man's life. It is important to be aware of the signs.  In addition, women often have varying symptoms from men including pain in other parts of the body.  Knowledge of symptoms is important as far too often persons discount heart attack symptoms until it is too late. ... Lets work to promote healthy lifestyles in conjunction with educating ourselves on the symptoms of heart attack and stroke!

9. An interesting study the past year in neuroscience supports the importance of breathing in regulating our emotions and influencing memory. Northwestern medicine scientists found that our rhythm of breathing affects the electrical activity in the brain.  As you know, yoga focuses on the breath, as does the practice of mindfulness, something we use frequently in occupational therapy, particularly in mental and behavioral health.

10. A recent 2023 issue of AAA Living magazine had some nice trips for sustainable travel- a) When possible use non-stop flights vs. connecting flights (less carbon footprint), b) bring a reusable water bottle on your travels, c) add some walking or biking tours vs. bus and vehicle tours, d) choose a sustainable rental car or transportation option, e) find a eco-friendly hotel, and f) shop and eat locally!

*The above information is for educational health purposes only, and is not meant to replace the advice or your health or fitness professional

Fun times skiing up North and visiting my soul sister and former group fitness instructor friend with me- Julie Hukriede!


Julie and I had a nice snow shoe trek!                                                                                                            The beauty of the North Woods

Blessings to each of you!

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