Kristi's Friends and Family Christmas Page- 2014

Greetings all! I pray you are well!  As with the dawn of each new Christmas season, I took the time to create an annual Christmas page, with personal and family photos, memories, and reflections.  To begin, let me share our annual Family Christmas greeting....

                   A Haertl'y Greeting Christmas 2014
Blessed Christmas Greetings To Our Friends And Family from the Haertl's! We hope that 2014 was good to you and brought you peace and joy.  This year we were late in getting out our Christmas Greetings so here is an update and a few pictures to share!

The Haertl Family Christmas Letter...

Greetings friends and family! We hope this annual letter finds you well.  This year has been a year of travel! Dan and I ventured to Black Island Florida in January, and I had the blessings of numerous additional travels to Big Sky MT, Baltimore/DC, Japan and more. Mikaela and her girlfriend Sarah worked on an organic farm in Sweden, so of course we had to visit them :) ... I rented a phenomenal flat for us in the theater district of Stockholm which provided opportunities to see the many beautiful sights. We too traversed across the Baltic to explore Finland.  Dan and I are parents to three wonderful cats, Jack, Mittens, and Mikaela’s Dragon (an adorable energetic cat half the size of our others).

(Left)- Jack and Mittens fond of guitars just like Dan!                                                                (Right)- Jack and Dragon look like they could be father/ son!- No blood relation

In Memory- Sadly Dan lost his beloved Rat Rue in 2014... When Mikaela first got her, Dan was not very excited, then they bonded... and cuddled and played every day!

 2014 was a year of travel, fun, and adventure. Mom and dad continue to live in Golden Valley; dad is active as always and is doing well. He actually qualified for the National Senior Olympics next summer to be held in Minnesota (qualified in both singles and doubles tennis)... below is an endearing photo of him celebrating his victories (first and second), here in Minnesota. He too continues his affection for biking and plans to ride our 20th Purple Pumpers event again... the MS 150! :)


Left- Dad celebrating his state Senior Olympics wins in Tennis- will go to nationals/   Right- Mikaela, dad and me ready to ride the Grand Rounds Bike Tour :)


Dan  - Continues to grace the tennis courts as a high school coach for Maple Grove girls and Centennial boys teams. He also teaches tennis classes for the University of Minnesota and works as a Tennis Pro at Baseline Tennis center. Along with his daily vigorous exercise routine, these activities keep him young beyond his years! Dan’s Sticks and Tones children’s band (with friends Steve and Jeff) continues to provide family friendly music at a variety of venues including festivals/ music in the park at Maple Grove, Burnsville, Bloomington, Vadnais Heights and other communities. Highlights of Dan’s year include our family trip to Europe, the beauty of Stockholm, the fun and adventures of Las Vegas (he loves Jimmy Buffet), and the many valued times shared with friends and family.

Dan still coaching and teaching tennis... here is one of his tennis classes at the University- Yes, Mikaela's best friend, and our "second daughter" Jodi is in the back row! :)


(Left)- Dan battles a ferocious crocodile in Florida-- Right, canoeing in the everglades.....  We stayed on Black Island (between Fort Meyers and Bonita Springs)- Gorgeous!


Spectacular Sunsets & Sunrises...  On the Right is the View from our Condo on Lovers Key, Black Island Florida

Kristi- What an adventure! The year started with travels to Florida and then a work & pleasure ski related trip with my friend Catherine to Montana (Big Sky/ Bridger Bowl and the beauty of Yellowstone). In April I released my textbook at our national conference in Baltimore, thus checking off the 11th of my 12 item bucket list (still have to get to my 50th state, Alaska—booked for June)! Then in June I was blessed with the opportunity to present research at our OT World Congress in Yokohama Japan… what an incredible experience! Additional activities included several running events, captaining our 19th Purple Pumpers team on the MS 150, family camp & more. The year concluded with a 3 month, 50th bday celebration starting with an August  weekend 40 mile hike on the Superior hiking trail with my dear friend Julie (also turned 50) and culminated in a trip with Dan to Vegas which included riding the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel, the fabulous Cirque du Soliel show “Ka” and a Jimmy Buffet Concert… I too sent out 50 pay it forward bday letters and am so thankful for the many acts of kindness and generosity so many have shown. Thanks to dearly loved friends and family who have shared in the adventures biking, hiking, running and traveling!  It was a year of blessings beyond words!

Montana skiing is amazing... and Big Sky is now the largest Ski Resort in the U.S.  (Left) skiing with my friend and colleague Catherine at Big Sky- Right (Bridger Bowl)

Yokohama Japan--- Had the Opportunity to present at our World Federation of Occupational Therapy

                            Finally got my book released at our American Occupational Therapy Conference in Baltimore MD!!!!! (Right)--- Enjoy Baltimore with Friends


Purple Pumpers 19--- MS 150 ... This year will be our 20th event, we hope to go over $100,000 raised through the years!

Celebrating our 50th birthdays with soul sister Julie-- hiked 40 miles on the Superior trail :)! 10 to go in the snow this winter!

Mikaela and her girlfriend Sarah welcome us to Sweden with open arms and an adorable sign :)


Mikaela- This year summed up in one word: Holymolyohmygoodnesswoah.  This was a very life changing year for me.  Personal-life: I continue to live with my beautifully wonderful girlfriend Sarah, in NE Minneapolis. We have two rats named Ellie and Luna, and they’re so stinkin’ cute. Sarah and I decided we wanted to live in Sweden for a month, so that’s just what we did! We spent 3 weeks of July WWOOFing (Word Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), working on a farm in Sweden in the middle of nowhere. We worked endless hours completing crazy tasks such as weeding impossible gardens, decluttering the Shed of Narnia, chopping forests worth of wood, and making dinners for 8 people out of almost nothing. We also stayed in Stockholm for a week and a half with my lovely parents, exploring the culture and community. It was the most life changing, amazing trip I have ever taken and I desperately pine to go back asap. Occupation: In the spring of this year I quit the job I worked prior (at a middle school) and relocated to an elementary school. I am now a 1st grade teacher at West Side Summit, a charter school in West Saint Paul. I work (literally) 10-13 hours a day, but I absolutely love it. I could not be more proud and honored to be my students’ teacher.

Sweden Photos!!!


Mikaela and her wonderful 1st grade class! :)

                                                                                                                                           Running the Rugged Manic- We had a Blast!!!


                                                                                    From the Haertl home to yours, we wish you a most blessed Christmas and Happy 2015!  God’s Blessings !!!!

Additional Fun Photos From 2015!!!- Kristi's Friends and Family...

Athletic Events..... 


Purple Pumpers--- Training Ride 1

Purple Pumpers- Training Ride 2


Purple Pumpers 19th!!! Yes, this year marks our 20th Event!! Join us for the MS 150!

Ready for the Rain with my friend Chuck "Chris" Christiansen

Purple Pumpers 19!!

Grand Rounds 14


Left- Running in the Delano 4th of July race in memory of my brother--- Right 4th overall and won my age cohort dressed as a cow in the Halloween race :)

The Rugged Maniac!

Aerobics!!!  -  Yes, still teaching early morning aerobics-- Just started my 32nd year!

Some of our aerobics crew for the Battle of the sexes

The crew all ready for Christmas workouts !!!! :)

Personal and Professional Travels and Events


Above- The Beauty of The Florida Everglades


Spectacular Florida Sunsets --- Black Key Island


Left- the beauty of Yellowstone... and Montana... Right, a view of the vast areas and mountains from Big Sky Montana

Baltimore- and the American Occupational Therapy Conference

My friend Christine and I visit the site where the Star Spangled Banner was written

Left- St. Kates wins the AOTF "St. Catherine Challenge----                Right- Celebrating with friends Maryanne Sacco and Charles (Chris) Christiansen- the CEO of AOTF

nbsp;                                                                                           Right- Photographed with Production Editor from AOTA (my book wouldn't have been possible without Ashley)!

World Federation of Occupational Therapy- Our World Congress--- Yokohama Japan

The Beauty of Japan- I had the pleasure of presenting research at our World OT Congress


At WFOT with famous OT extraordinare, Ruth Zemke, her husband Wayne, Christine, and someone I don't know!

Northern Pines Christian Family Camp--- A Favorite Place and Annual Visit!



                                                                                                                                                                                               Finland- Baltic Sea
Santas are everywhere in Finland... perhaps because they are close to the North Pole?

Girls Night Out -Still getting together with the same group of high school friends on a regular basis! What fun!

                                                                         Left- Saying Good Bye to the Old Sunshine Factory   and Right-  Saying Hello to the new Pub 42!!

Joint International Occupational Science Conference- Hosted by St. Catherine University!

Left- Kate and I with some of our students                                Right- Yours truly with friend Chuck "Chris" Christiansen and two students, Christine & Annie (Christine was Valdictorian)

Dinner out with colleague friends from all over the world!

Left- Through the years- Zemke winners (along with Ruth Zemke :) )                                Right- Photographed with students, this year's Zemke winner and friend, Liz Townsend, and Hans Josephsson

50th Birthday Celebration... My 3 month celebration- including 40 mile trek on the Superior Trail; Numerous Celebrations; Benihana 4 times; and Topping it off with Vegas!!!

Thanks to all who celebrated with me!!! ...  In addition to sending 50 pay it forward funded letters, I had the blessing of celebrating my 50th for 3 months starting in August and ending in my birthday month of October.  I am deeply grateful for so many dearly loved friends and family, and too, am touched by the many acts of kindness!

Special Thanks!!!.... This year as I celebrated my 50th I sent out 50 funded pay it forward letters including anyone from our fitness family who came to my October fitness birthday breakfast! As part of this Ken Welle set up for 20 people to pack food at Feed My Starving Children.... along with the church groups there, our entire 8pm group packed nearly 30,000 meals!!!  Thanks to all from our aerobics family who joined us! :)


Thanks to all who joined us... along with the other groups, nearly 30,000 meals packed in just over an hour!

In this season of Giving, may we all be mindful of how we can give, and extend acts of kindness!

50th Fat Nats Celebration

Celebration with my friend Julie (former Lifetime Instructor) who also turned 50!

50th Fat Nats Celebration

The "High Roller"---World's Tallest, Stands 55 Stories!

View from Atop the Stratosphere (where we stayed)

Beautiful Canyon Hike

I pause in gratitude for the beauty of time spent dearly loved friends and family this past year
As I have turned 50 I am mindful of how important it is that we embrace the journey
and that along the way, we too seek to give back; and to leave a legacy on this precious Earth

May you and those most loved enjoy the warmth and love of the Christmas Season
and let us remember of the precious love of God came down to earth
that we may hold love and light in our hearts!!!



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