Kristi's 2019 Friends and Family Christmas Page

A Haertl'y Christmas Greeting- 2019

Greetings and blessings to each of you this Christmas! This year again was filled with several adventures involving many personal and professional travels including travels through the US, Hawaii, a 4 country bike and boat tour in Europe, a family ND history trip with dad, fun conference travel and presentations in Kentucky and New Orleans, & Family camp (our 22nd year-this time with Dad, Mikaela, Bri, Caleb, and two dogs)! I also again captained our MS 150 team, the Purple Pumpers,  for the 24th time. Bri and Mikaela bought a home in January, and got married in August! They live together with 6 year-old Caleb, two cute dogs, and a cat… it is always an adventure visiting them! Dad continues active with his biking, investing, socializing (e.g. bridge), and dancing. He and mom are still living in the home I grew up in (GoldenValley).

Dan - Dan continues to defy age with an active workout and tennis schedule as the Maple Grove Girls’ and Centennial Boys' coach and teaches tennis classes at the University & Public Indoor Tennis.  This year he was again blessed to have a 10th grader from his Maple Grove team, Zoey Adkins, go to state (4th year in a row), she took 4th place. He too had a player he privately coaches play for Moundsview, they got 3rd in State.  Dan also remained active in music with his band, we are also on the praise team at church (he plays guitar & sings- I sing), and he continues to entertain at some of our regular neighborhood gatherings on the lake. Highlights for Dan in 2019 include a good tennis year (highest finish Maple Grove has ever had in Sections-2nd), family travels including our Germany-Austria-Slovakia-Hungary bike & boat tour, spending time on the lake, and walking Mikaela down the aisle.


Above-   Dan enjoying a great tennis season with the Maple Grove Girl's Tennis Team - Right (with Zoey Adkins who took 4th in state)


                                                   Above- We had a blast on our 4 country Danube Bike and Boat tour in Europe!

Kristi- It was another amazing year of travel and adventure. In addition to the blessing of teaching eager, intelligent OT students (in my 23 rd year as a professor at St. Kates), I love the many opportunities for publications and presentations including various key notes and invited engagements. I was honored to be the Boyt-Schell Visiting Scholar to Brenau (in Georgia), and too had another text book published, this one co-authored. Though I retired from teaching group fitness after 35 years, I continue active with running & biking. I too have a private practice in behavioral health. I continue to affirm the importance of seeking to make a positive difference, speaking our voice, taking action, and promoting peace.  Highlights of the year include all the amazing travels, valuable times spent with dearly loved friends and family, & Mikaela's amazing wedding and welcoming Bri & Caleb into our family (Bri's last name is now Haertl). Life is a blessing, may we hold to faith, love and prayer.


             Above- biking fun - Left in Europe, Right- some of my Purple Pumpers Friends on the MS 150- our 24th year!

Mikaela/Bri/Caleb- It has been a phenomenal year full of lots of amazing events! As stated earlier, Bri and I bought a house together in January. We live in Columbia Heights, right outside of NE Minneapolis. We adopted a rescue puppy (well...he acts like one) in January as well, so we’re now a house of as many people as pets! Most importantly though, I got to marry the love of my life- Bri and I had a magical day at the end of August. We work together at an elementary school in Northeast Minneapolis.  Caleb is now in 1st grade and is busy getting taller every day and rockin' it in swimming and hockey.  The best part of my (Mikaela’s) year was definitely getting to marry my amazing wife. Other magical moments: Spending time with family, house and pet purchases, Family Camp, a trip to California with my lovely wife and spending time with friends.


Above- Some of the fun wedding photos- courtesy of Studio Twelve-52

We send you all the warmest of wishes for a beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year. May we all seek
to live life fully, love fervently, and strive to make a positive difference! (My personal motto <Kristi>)

Christmas Greetings from our family to yours!!

Kristi's Additional Friends and Family Photos--

Biking; Biking; Biking!!!


                                                                 Fun team pics of the Purple Pumpers 24th!

                                    Above Left- Dan and I biking in Slovakia                   Right, my dear friend Chuck "Chris", Dad and I on the Cannon trail- Chris and I share the trails often

Work Related Fun & Travel....

Left- Yours truly with some of the students at Feed my Starving Children              Right- missing my friend Linda at St. Kates

Left- Friends in the Department all ready for graduation! (photo courtesy Catherine)         Right- pontoon fun on the lake!

Below- I had the opportunity to be the Boyt-Schell Visiting Occupational Science Scholar at Brenau...

Above- Yours Truly with Barbara Boyt-Schell                                     Post talk- celebrating at the reception!

Other Conferences and presentations throughout the country- just a couple of fun pics...

Below- AOTA National Conference- New Orleans


Left- fun with current and former students (Traci- right is now a professor at the University)          Yours truly with OTA faculty Drea and Marlys

Left- just after helping facilitate the AOTA mental health Conversations that Matter             Right- Manning the SSO: USA booth (I am on the board)

SSO-USA Annual Research Conference- Arizona

Left- SSO: USA friends dinner!                                                                                      Right- after a nice day of hiking my friend Chuck "Chris" and I and his sister
                                                                                                                                                Karen had a wonderful dinner on the lake <we both serve on the national board>

Left- Yes, I presented on a heavy but important topic at the research conference

Travel- Travel- Travel!!!


Big Island- Hawaii!


Banning & The North Shore!

Left- Julie's beautiful land- great for hiking!          Right- Yours truly with former LTF instructor and soul sister :)

 I met soul sister and former Lifetime group fitness instructor Julie up at Banning for a beautiful autumn hike!


 A few photos from Arizona..I again had the opportunity to speak at the SSO:USA Research Conference and I serve on the National Board of Directors



Family North Dakota Father Daughter History Trip....

Dad and I on a ride on the Central Lakes bike trail (Alexandria-Fergus)                Dad standing on the plot of land where his mom was born in a small shack

Left- A visit with my cousin Greta's family (and Lars & Katie stopped by too)!       Theodore Roosevelt National Park- North Dakota


Europe! - Four Country Danube Bike and Boat Tour!!

Left- Beautiful Passau Germany                                                                                                Right- Our River Boat the Carissma as we biked past it in Austria

Left Budapest in the beautiful eve                                                                                       Right Budapest Parliament

Family Camp 2019!!-

Family Camp- Northern  Pines!




Mikaela and Bri's Wedding!!!


Adorable pics of Mikaela, Bri and 6 year old Caleb  (Photos courtesy Studio Twelve: 52)



Left- Bri and Caleb walk down the aisle                                                      Right, Dan, Mikaela, our new grandson Caleb and yours truly!

In Tribute to 35 years of teaching aerobics!

I taught over 20 of my 35 years of group fitness teaching with my dear friend Julie                                           One of many of our Annual Christmas workouts!


Friends! Friends! Friends!

Left- Birthday celebration with my friend Rhoda                                                      Right- high school friends get together with our HS x-c running coach Randy!

Left- my 37th Annual Christmas fitness party                                                          Right- Beth, Chuck "Chris", Linda, Dan and I at the Zumbrota Crossings Farewell event

Marilyn's 90th Bday party- she attended my aerobics class nearly 30 years!
My friend Linda grew up next to Marilyn!


Fun at Coffee Mojo with Friends!

Left- Girls night Out with dear friends from High School (Top Golf)                                 Right- A stop on the thousands of miles shared on the trails with dear friend Chris



Left- Missing my dear friend Linda at St. Kates- we still see each other often            Right- Sailing fun with Dave and Sara

Left-  Fun at the stable with dear friends Chuck "Chris" and Beth                                        Right- my soul sister Julie and I adorning Banning


Christmas Beauty

Snow fallen splendor
breathes holiday cheer
as folks busy bustle
signs Christmas near
The fervent, the feverish
rush to the store
As the season unfolds
and knocks at our door
The trees all need trimming
The stockings must be hung
The cards must be written
The bells must be rung
Yet in all the magic
In all the cheer
Take time to pause
for time with those dear
For God's love came down
and graced our Earth's Sky
In giving his gift, for you and I
Let's pause in our thanks
to the dear Lord above
and share with each other
our kindness and love
I thank each of you
for your presence you see
and how you grace
my life journey
I wish for you
both far and near
A Very Merry Christmas
and Blessed New Year!!!



From our Family to Yours.....  God Bless & Merry Christmas!


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