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Greetings and Happy July!!!  I hope you are well! For those who missed the events of last month, the Purple Pumpers 24th had a great ride and we too had 3 wonderful breakfasts and a couple great training rides! We have additional upcoming breakfasts planned, see below for details.


Special Thanks!! 

Thanks to all who sponsored the Purple Pumpers we have now raised over $155,000 through the years for MS research! See below for photos! As promised, I too share photos of our 4 country bike and boat tour through Europe, what an amazing experience!

                                                                 Fun team pics of the Purple Pumpers 24th!


  Social Update
Tuesday July 17th- Breakfast at Fat Nats
**We will plan a bike ride sometime in August, please stay tuned.
Sunday September 8th- St. Paul Classic

  Per request I share some photos from our amazing four country Bike and Boat tour in four countries of Europe.  Of all the times I have been to Europe this was one of my favorites as biking is an amazing way to see the countryside and get to know the people!

Left- Beautiful Passau Germany                                                                                                Right- Our River Boat the Carissma as we biked past it in Austria

Left Budapest in the beautiful eve                                                                                       Right Budapest Parliament

Fabulous Health and Fitness Information  

*In perusing an old Experience Life magazine, it has some wonderful information.  For those with low back pain, the magazine suggested:

(a) Don't sleep on your stomach because it puts more strain on your low back, (b) When sitting keep feet planted on floor and knees bent, extending the legs out in front too far can put strain on the low back, (c) Remember to take frequent breaks, especially if you are at a computer, sitting, or driving for extended periods of time, and (d) When rising from a sitting position, use your hips and legs for support to get to the standing position. 

The July/ August 08 Experience Life magazine cited a Journal of the American Medical Association study from the University of Copenhagen that looked at the effects of inactivity.  The study found that reducing activity for only two weeks resulted in significantly higher levels of glucose and fat in the bloodstreams of the participants.  Such effects can lead to a multitude of medical risks including that of diabetes and heart disease.

* A study in Cell Metabolism that reviewed exercise programs for over 12 weeks found that exercise benefits the body at the cellular level which can benefit in many ways including having anti-aging properties... I hope to see you at the gym soon!

* According to the Society for Neuroscience, nearly 2/3 of ailments presenting in doctors offices are often stress related.  Many diseases of meaning such as heart attacks, GI problems, and mental health concerns have direct ties to stress.  In our busy lives, let us find time for plenty of rest, good nutrition, sleep, exercise... and take time for yourself to do the things you enjoy with the people you love!

* For those of you who loved to doodle (as Mikaela often does), researchers from the University of Plymouth in England recently published a study in Applied Cognitive Psychology found that doodling can help concentration and memory when presented with information considered "boring and unremarkable" ... so doodle on :).

*The Society for Neuroscience, in addition to the Dana Neuroscience Foundation have also recently reported studies that cite keeping your mind and body active can help preserve mental functions...keep that mind and body working!

* A landmark study published in the Annals of Medicine in 2006 of 1740 persons over the age of 65 found that regular exercise was associated with a delay in onset of various dementias and Alzheimer's Disease...  another strong case for regular exercise!!

*An interesting study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2012) utilizing information from over 3800 study participants found that those that spend more time in motorized transportation had larger weight gains and waist circumference after 7 years.  Of course you can offset this by an active lifestyle and healthy fitness plan!

*Remember to keep a balance in your fitness regimen.  You want to have a balance in aerobic (with oxygen... fat is primary fuel source) and anaerobic (high intensity- i.e. sprints or heavy muscle work) exercise.  Anaerobic uses sugars for primary fuel sources and you typically achieve fatigue earlier.  It is important to incorporate endurance, aerobic, anaerobic and strength training.  In addition, maintaining flexibility is key.  Prior to your workout, use a moving, dynamic warm up to facilitate increased muscle temperature, increase in circulation, increase in synovial fluid to the joints and muscle memory (via warm up exercises similar to your exercise workout).  After your workout make sure to take adequate time to stretch.  Also be sure to try out some of the wonderful Yoga and Pilates classes at the clubs!
* A study in the Journal of the College of Cardiology (2017)
looked at the accuracy of heart rate monitors. The study found those worn on the chest were far superior to the wrist based monitors.

Penguin (2007) wrote The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want.  Within the book she noted that exercise may be one of the most "effective" happiness boosters! She cites several significant studies (including meta-analysis) to emphasize the importance of movement and exercise on the brain and on well being. 

The above information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice of your health professional.


Have a beautiful and safe rest of July-- I leave you with a serene photo taken from our deck...
Blessings and beauty to you!


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