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Greetings all! I hope you are well as we head into August- where has summer gone?  Despite my heavy travels the past month (included photos), we had a nice breakfast and have planned upcoming bike events and breakfasts! See below for upcoming events and additional photos from our MS 150 excursion! - Next year is our 25th year - please let me know if you'd like to join us!

  Social Update

Tuesday August 6th:   Breakfast- Locale TBA
Tuesday August 20th: Breakfast- Fat Nats
***We will likely plan a bike ride in August- date TBA
Sunday September 8th- Join us! 25th St. Paul Classic!



                                                                 Fun team pics of the Purple Pumpers 24th!


More Travel Beauty...

Left- Budapest Parliament                                                    Right- St. Stephens- Vienna


Great travels this year to Germany- Austria- Slovakia- Hungary
Family Camp- Northern  Pines!



* The U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommended at least two cups of fruits and two and a half cups of vegetables a day. Remember that darker colored produce tend to be more nutrient rich.

*According to Michael Gelb, humor and laughing not only are good for your health, recent studies demonstrate that they stimulate the problem solving areas of the brain which can improve creativity and productivity in life and at work.

Here's another great life enhancing recipe I love (and shared last year) ...thanks to the Weyerheuser Foundation International Health Awareness Center: (Their recipe in blue, my comments in purple)

6 deep breaths per day
3-4 cardiovascular workouts per week
(at least!) !
100 kisses per day for children or a favorite pet (and loved ones too!- We adults need kisses too!)
2 weight training sessions per week
8 hours of sleep every night (sounds luxurious...some of us have bodies that seem to prefer 6 hrs)
9 servings per day of fruits and vegetalbles
2 times per day, say "no" to something that would stress you out
10 positive thoughts per day (Just 10?--- How about 1,000+ ?!)
5 really hard belly laughs per day
1-2 times per day sitting quietly alone in relaxation, reflection, prayer and meditation- (ah very important to make plenty of time for this)
8 glasses of water per day
1 time per day, remind loved ones you love them
(at least once per day** I am mindful of the importance of telling those we appreciate, love, and those dear that they are valued. I am ever so grateful for my friends and family).

*A recent issue of the IDEA Fitness journal identified that reading 15 minutes prior to bedtime can enhance sleep and finding natural sunlight in the morning can enhance wakefulness... of course here in Minnesota we have changing seasons of light :)  !

*The May 2013 IDEA Fitness Journal had a nice article on exercise and those with multiple sclerosis.  The article cites studies that indicate mild to moderate workouts can ease the strain of living with MS.  Recent published studies featured in one of the 2019 MS Publications (Momentum), reinforced the importance of exercise for MS, yet too mentioned that each individual must consider his/her own type of MS and the daily needs for energy conservation. For those of you who don't know, 2 of our longtime veterans of the MS 150 Purple Pumpers team have MS.  You too can join us next year!!

*An interesting study (2014) from Binghamton University found that those who receive adequate sleep, and ironically, those who were earlier to bed, earlier to rise, reported improved moods and more optimistic thinking... good news for those of you who come to the early morn class! :)

*The Summer 2019 IDEA Fitness Journal emphasized the importance of interrupting prolonged sitting to combat the effects on mortality. Here are some methods they suggested:
1- Stand and more every time you change a TV station (or I would say if you watch commercials- move during them!)
2- Do a few heel raises while loading (or emptying) the dishwasher.
3- Every time you drink a glass of water, take a movement break.
4-Instead of emailing a colleague whose office is near yours, just walk over there!
5-When talking to your friends on the phone, walk!

**The above information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice or care of your health professional.

Have a beautiful rest of the summer!
Take time for yourselves
Take time for those loved
and take time
for beauty!


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