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Greetings all! I hope you are well as the snow starts flying and our warm autumn gives way to the dawn of winter! We are excited to be celebrating our 37th Annual Christmas Party this week!  In addition, please note we will have our 26th Annual Christmas Breakfast coming up as well!  May your holiday season be safe and blessed!


****Wednesday December 4th- JOIN US!   37th Annual Christmas Party at our Home!
Date of Annual Christmas Breakfast- To Be Announced it will be the week before Christmas
or the Monday during the week of Christmas... Come join us!


Celebrating Christmas...

Finally- A couple of our Annual Christmas Traditions (will post a few from the Christmas party next month)...

Left- Annual dinner out before the Shoreview Christmas Concert                                                    Right- our 22nd Annual Christmas Breakfast (a few years ago at Good Earth)

35th Annual Christmas Party!!!

Left- Charlotte and Caleb enjoying the party!                                                                        Bri, Mikaela and Caleb having a great time

Mom and Mikaela Enjoying the party                                                                                            Our Festive Christmas Group

Left- Kirk and Marilyn dressed for the occasion!                                                           Right- Caleb is excited for some good salad!

Left- Taken at our 36th Annual Fitness Christmas Party                                              Right- 25th Annual Christmas Breakfast!

                                                                                                 Folks taking in the fun at the Christmas party!


2019-   Year in Review

Last Year's Christmas Breakfast                                                                                                              One of our many Grumpy's outings before the Shoreview Band Concert

Left- Julie's beautiful land- great for hiking!          Right- Yours truly with former LTF instructor and soul sister :)


                                                      The beautiful Hawaiian Big Island! - We have visited 5 of them, all are beautiful in their own way!

Fun Get Together With Longtime Friends and Former Instructors Theresa and Joan

One of our many fun Fat Nats gatherings!

Below- Training Rides as we prepared for the MS 150- Purple Pumpers 24th!

Some of the Purple Pumpers ready to ride

Pre-Release of another book- This one with Franklin Stein <actual book in more formal format>

Special Thanks!! 
Thanks to all who sponsored the Purple Pumpers we have now raised over $155,000 through the years for MS research! See below for photos! As promised, I too share photos of our 4 country bike and boat tour through Europe, what an amazing experience!


                                                                 Fun team pics of the Purple Pumpers 24th!


Our amazing four country Bike and Boat tour in four countries of Europe.  Of all the times I have been to Europe this was one of my favorites as biking is an amazing way to see the countryside and get to know the people!

Left- Beautiful Passau Germany                                                                                                Right- Our River Boat the Carissma as we biked past it in Austria

Left Budapest in the beautiful eve                                                                                       Right Budapest Parliament

Join us for one of our monthly breakfasts!

Biking Fun! - St. Paul Classic

Wedding Pics!  - - By popular demand, folks wished for more of the pics from Mikaela's wedding.  As you know she attended our aerobics classes from the time she was 7 years old until she was around 25 years old! - They got married on August 25th.. Thanks to Studio Twelve: 52 for the cool photos!


Adorable pics of Mikaela, Bri and 6 year old Caleb  (Photos courtesy Studio Twelve: 52)


Lifetime / Purple Pumpers Friends gather for breakfast at Coffee Mojo- Wonderful Place!

 I met soul sister and former Lifetime group fitness instructor Julie up at Banning for a beautiful autumn hike!

 A couple of photos from Arizona..I again had the opportunity to speak at the SSO:USA Research Conference



Health and Fitness Information

* The FDA recommends 2300 mg of sodium a day yet most Americans consume significantly more.... even up to 2 times the recommended amount!  For instance, a serving of a popular canned chicken noodle soup contains 890 mg and store bought Italian salad dressing 486 mg per serving.  It doesn't take long for excess sodium to build up! According to the Mayo Foundation over 75% of our consumed sodium comes from pre-processed foods.

*The US Department of Health revised its fitness guidelines about a year ago, encouraging Americans to increase their physical activity and decrease sitting with the ultimate goal of at least 150 minutes of exercise a week (at 10 minute bouts or more).  Often I hear students and individuals say they have no time for exercise. Even a 10 minute walk can have health benefits.  As winter arrives, be sure to use safe practices outdoors to prevent falls and injury.

*According to Thrivant, the average U.S. household throws out almost 25% of the vegetables and fruits which can accumulate to more than $500 of waste.  Means to minimize such waste include (a) buying what you need, (b) using proper storage, and (c) making an effort to eat what you purchase

*Many people use prayer as part of their personal faith and as a means to find balance, unity and connection with God.  According to Pastor Peter Brown, using a journal is often a way to enhance prayer life and devotions.  Journals can help us keep track of prayers, petitions, and praises.  Journaling may also be used for many purposes including personal reflections, tracking of exercise and eating, or to maintain a diary of significant happenings in our life.  I personally have written poetry and have kept hard copy and online journals for over 30 years. ...  For those interested, I have some peer-reviewed journal articles on my three phase research on the health benefits of personal writing and journaling (Haertl, 2014; Haertl & Ero-Phillips, 2017). Happy journaling!

*A study in the International Journal of Epidemiology (2011) including stats from 1.3 million people found that "Higher levels of total and domain specific physical activity" were associated with overall reduced mortality.

*Similar to other adults, the Centers of Disease Control recommend that adults over 65 get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week. The European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation suggests that bouts of exercise as short as 15 minutes can secure positive health results for seniors. As always, consult your health professional for personal recommendations.

*The IDEA Fitness group cited strategies to maintain weight loss over the long term- some of the recommendations include the following:
    1. Engage in at least an hour a day of exercise (note this is beyond the American guidelines but can be very healthful- consult your health professional)
    2. Regularly eat breakfast and maintain a healthful diet within caloric recommendations
    3. Develop emotional regulation strategies- avoid uncontrolled eating
    4.  Maintain mood and minimize depression
    5. Be aware of medical reasons for weight gain

**The above information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice of your Health Professional.

From our Family to Yours...... May you all have a beautiful and safe Christmas & Holiday Season!


From our home to yours, have a blessed Christmas!


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