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As we come to the end of 2020- I am mindful of how difficult this year has been for the nation and the world. Many have faced hardship, grief and loss and in the Spirit of the season may we continually consider how to be a positive in the world.  Yet too, we are adaptable and many have found ways to connect innovatively in a Covid-safe manner. And prayerfully next year as I sit down to write the 2021 page, the world will be in a better place, a vaccine will be in wide distribution, and we can closely connect with those loved without masks and heavy physical distancing.  Please know I will keep you all in thought and prayer.  - This year I will again look back, yet too we will venture beyond the past year. May the Good Lord Bless each of you.

      Social Update 

38th Annual Christmas Gathering! - This year will be via Zoom or Google Meet- I am confirming the date but it will likely be Thursday December 10th 7:15pm
Purple Pumpers 26th! -The MS Society is confirming details but the next MS 150 is tentatively scheduled for June 11th-13th. We already have hotel rooms and will have room on the team! Let me know if you are interested! We will be riding in memory of two of our Purple Pumper friends who went to dance with the angels this past year- Ione Humann and Pam Shaw.


A look back

Christmas Breakfast -2018                                 One of our many Grumpy's outings before the Shoreview Band Concert

Past Christmas Parties

Left- Charlotte and Caleb enjoying the party!                                                                        Bri, Mikaela and Caleb having a great time

Mom and Mikaela Enjoying the party                                                                                            Our Festive Christmas Group

Left- Kirk and Marilyn dressed for the occasion!                                                           Right- Caleb is excited for some good salad!

Left- Taken at our 36th Annual Fitness Christmas Party                                              Right- 25th Annual Christmas Breakfast!

                                                                                                 Folks taking in the fun at the Christmas party!

Last year's Christmas party and subsequent 90th birthday celebration for long time fitness family member Marilyn Rehberg:


Left- Caleb, Bri and Mikaela enjoying the Christmas party                                     Right- Having a great time!


Left- Our Annual Christmas Breakfast- this year at Fat Nats                                    Right- A group of Longtime Lifetime/ Northwest members at Marilyn's Bday



2020- The Year in Review:

Pre-Covid Trip to Lovers Key/ Black Island Florida:

A beautiful place!



The Purple Pumpers were fortunate to have a number of Covid-Distanced rides..


Our Virtual MS 150- We rode the Cannon Trail on the dates of the MS 150

Fun times with Covid- distanced rides this year

In Memory-

We remember Ione Humann and Pam Shaw, long time members of our aerobics family and past Purple Pumpers... they both went to dance with the angels this past year.
Ione Humann                                Pam Shaw 
1953-2020                                      1953-2020


As Covid continues through into 2021- I remind you of Words of Wisdom I shared early in the year:

1- Continue to find ways to get your daily exercise. Right now in Minnesota we can still go outdoors ( stay safe in the cooling temps- it is advised not in heavily public places but with social distancing)- a walk, run or bike ride can do much for the soul. Be sure that any exercise regimen is approved by your health provider.

2- Continue to maintain good nutrition- this is so important for our immune systems in these times of Covid-19.

3- Maintain meaningful and healthful habits and routines.  Sometimes when we are at home we let our habits and routines completely shift (including sleep patterns), as much as possible maintain the routines that contribute to your mental and physical well being.

4- Take breaks from the Internet.  I personally know that too much Internet time can affect our health. It is important to do our jobs, and to stay connected, yet too, watch the number of hours sitting at the computer.  As a professor all of my classes are now online, thus requiring extensive computer time. I find it important to take breaks to do other meaningful activities, to exercise, to go for runs, and to spend time in nature.

5- Remain socially connected.  There are many ways to remain socially connected during this time of Covid-19. Let us maintain those connections with those loved, and too may we all remember those who are shut ins, lonely, or at risk.

Blessings to each of you!


I close with the blessing of a new life- Congratulations to Mikaela and Bri on our new grandson Arlo!!!- The gift of life is truly precious


                           Arlo Daniel Haertl                                                                                                          Caleb is a wonderful big brother!

From our family to yours- have a beautiful Christmas!




May Joy, Peace, Health, Safety and Love follow you and your loved ones. God's Blessings this Christmas!



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