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  Greetings all! Welcome to February!  I pray you have had a good winter thus far!  We had a nice breakfast this past month and too have another coming up this month! Please also note, we do have some space on out Purple Pumpers 25th team on the MS 150! If you are interested, please let me know.

         Social Update              

Wed. February 19th- 7:30 am Breakfast- Fat Nats
**Room open for the MS 150 in June- please let me know if you are interested!

Sharing a couple photos from Florida! - Enjoy!


The beauty of Lovers Key Florida                                                                                                    The beautiful Cypress Slough


Lovers Key Florida


Flashback Photos...  Remember these folks? :)

                                    Kris, Tina, Yours Truly and Sharon ... This photo taken 16 yrs ago at Hwy 100--- We are all still teaching Group Fitness!

                                 Photo taken with my friend & Soul Sister Julie Hukriede (yes at Halloween) around 2000

                                                                A variety of classes and fun was had by all then...   and is had by all now!!!!!

*"Remember, more and sore, is not always better"...*There are many ways to build muscle. As many of you have noticed, my philosophy in the Barbell class the years I taught it were to utilize safe exercises as per my background in rehabilitation science and too, keep things functional. Remember, more and sore is not always better. A study conducted at McMaster University in Canada found that low load and high volume lifting is effective, and in some instances more so, for increased protein synthesis resulting in muscle building.

* The FDA recommends 2300 mg of sodium a day yet most Americans consume significantly more.... even up to 2 times the recommended amount!  For instance, a serving of a popular canned chicken noodle soup contains 890 mg and store bought Italian salad dressing 486 mg per serving.  It doesn't take long for excess sodium to build up! According to the Mayo Foundation over 75% of our consumed sodium comes from pre-processed foods.

* Although in the middle of the winter we don't always think of upcoming races we may partake in over the summer, having an event to train for often provides a motivation.  In recent years "adventure races" such as the Warrier Dash, Tough Mudder and others, have become more popular.  Remember when considering the type of event, that you want to be sure to properly train so as not to risk injury due to ill-preparation for the event.  Sometimes partnering with a friend or two can enhance the motivation and training prior to the event.  Just a reminder, we have the Purple Pumpers 22 this year for the MS 150! We still have room if you'd like to join us!

*According to Thrivant, the average U.S. household throws out almost 25% of the vegetables and fruits which can accumulate to more than $500 of waste.  Means to minimize such waste include (a) buying what you need, (b) using proper storage, and (c) making an effort to eat what you purchase

*Many people use prayer as part of their personal faith and as a means to find balance, unity and connection with God.  According to Pastor Peter Brown, using a journal is often a way to enhance prayer life and devotions.  Journals can help us keep track of prayers, petitions, and praises.  Journaling may also be used for many purposes including personal reflections, tracking of exercise and eating, or to maintain a diary of significant happenings in our life.  I personally have written poetry and have kept hard copy and online journals for over 30 years. I too have studied the role of writing in the development of the self as well as the healing properties of writing for persons with mental illness. The first part of my research is published in the Journal of Poetry Therapy (2014) and latter portions are ready to be submitted for publication. If you would like to see my articles let me know! ...  Happy journaling!

*April 19-25 is national volunteer week in 2020!  There are many opportunities for volunteering!... You can join us for the MS150, join a local effort, or merely make a helpful visit to a neighbor or friend in need. Dan and I have become increasingly involved in a number of volunteer events such as Feed My Starving Children, Matthew 25 (a program to feed the Hungry in Isanti/ Cambrige MN), and I too have had the opportunity to serve a number of boards. ... Minnesota is again the #1 state in the country for volunteerism!

Left- Dan and I volunteering at FMSC this month                                               Right- Ken hosting 20 aerobics friends on his birthday a few years ago

Blessings to each of you!  May we pause and consider how to give best, love best, live life fully, love fervently, and strive to make a positive difference!


  As February is the month of Valentine's Day, may we all tell those who are loved they are loved

                                              Blessings to Each of you and Happy Valentine's Day!!!
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