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Greetings all!  I hope you are well this new year!  For those of  you who missed the events of last month, we had a nice dinner out at the Tavern Grill and saw Dave and Marilyn play in the Shoreview Community Band Annual Christmas Concert, we hosted our 37th Annual Christmas party!... And, we had our annual Christmas breakfast! See below for upcoming breakfasts in the coming month!
   Upcoming Social Events

Wednesday January 8th-    Breakfast at Fat Nats- 7:30am
Wednesday January 22nd- Breakfast at Fat Nats- 7:30am
**I am also considering hosting another Feed My Starving Children event if we have enough interested. Let me know!

  Fabulous Photos!!

Left- Caleb, Bri and Mikaela enjoying the Christmas party                                     Right- Having a great time!

Left- Our Annual Christmas Breakfast- this year at Fat Nats                                    Right- A group of Longtime Lifetime/ Northwest members at Marilyn's Bday

Left- Marilyn Rehberg's 90th Bday (she came to my aerobics class for about 30 years)!    Right- Celebrating with Marilyn!


Special Thanks to all who shared the many grand times this past year...

Health and Fitness Information

* According to the American Council on Exercise active seniors are healthier and enjoy life more.  In addition, exercise has been shown to decrease age related declines in a number of areas. ... As we know, exercise is great for persons of all ages!  Be sure to check with your health professional to assure you are in good health and to determine your fitness needs.

* Scientists from the University of Missouri Columbia have found that your daily activity and engagement in activities outside of exercise is just as important as those spent in exercise.  Persons who are physically inactive for hours at a time suffer from lower fat and cholesterol metabolism. Persons can reverse this trend by moving around and taking stretch breaks during the day.

* An interesting study featured in a 2018 Experience magazine discussed Barbara Frederickson, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina), psychologist's study which has found that the "good life" ratio requires three positive emotions for every negative one but that most American's test out at t 2:1 ratio.  The test is available at

*IDEA recently featured the DNA of Well Being by Margaret more.  Key factors identified included (a) Meaning (finding meaning in life), (b) Strengths (coming to know and use one's own strengths, (c) Positive emotions (fostering positive emotions), (d) Energy (fostering personal energy for life, and (e) Relationships (encouraging meaningful relationships).

*According to a past Experience Life magazine, as a nation we now consume over 600 million pounds of synthetic flavorings. Back in 2017 I resolved to eat less processed foods and more organic foods and have done so ever since... I am mindful of how we can re-educate our taste buds to love the real, whole and nutritious foods! (Of course I love a little dark chocolate now ant then :) ).

* A 2019 study from Karolinska Institute found that people may gain weight as they age due to the fact that lipid turnover may slow down as we age, even when exercising the same amount. The study did suggest and increase of exercise (and some previous studies emphasize varying exercise) may increase lipid turnover).

* According to Harvard Health Publications we can help preserve age related memory decline through staying physically and mentally active.  Additional suggestions
   are as follows:

1- Believe in yourself... (Those that believe they have the power to influence their memory are more active to take pro-active steps to do so)
2- Economize your Brain Power (Use efficiency techniques such as notes and calendars so as to preserve memory and brain power for other important tasks)
3- Organize your Thoughts (We are able to remember better when we chunk information together... i.e. we usually remember the pre-fix for an area code as one unit)
4- Remember your Health (Many health conditions cause memory decline.. assure your blood sugar is in order, get sufficient iron, make sure your thyroid is checked, treat high blood pressure &  treat depression,
5- Use your senses (Using multiple senses helps improve memory retention)
6- Expand your brain (Use brain teasers, learn a new skill, try something different!)
7- Repeat  (When you repeat something aloud you are more likely to remember)
8- Space it Out (repetition helps learning, especially when spaced out)
9- Use mnemonics (use of things such as acronyms helps retention)
10- Challenge yourself (similar to number 6, trying new and challenging things helps in the neuroplasticity)
11- Take a course (new courses require new learning)

* The above information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice of your health care professional

May 2020 Fill you with Many Blessings!
(photo taken at Giant's Ridge)



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