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Greetings all!  We made it to the new year! - 2020 was a challenging year for many amidst the pandemic and nationwide divisiveness, yet to a reminder of the precious nature of life.  Though we had far fewer breakfasts and social events and our 25th Purple Pumpers MS 150 was virtual, we too found ways to gather via distanced bike rides and events and too we had a virtual 38th Annual Christmas Party gathering! It was fun to see folks that we haven't seen for many years! I pray that 2021 brings new hope and opportunity for all.
                                                   Social Events     

Once it is safe again to gather, we will resume our morning breakfasts. I too am awaiting plans from the MS Society on the plans for the MS 150 this year. Either way we will still continue to have our Covid- safely distanced bike rides.  Be sure to find time for the beautiful outdoors in the winter as well!


                                                                       "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life" (Mary Oliver)
<I took this photo this past year at Springbrook Nature Center>


Fabulous Photos - Through the Years!        The following are photos of each of the last 10 years....

2020-  Purple Pumpers 25th team gathers to remember                                            Celebrating long time aerobics member, Marilyn's 90th birthday!
Pam Shaw. We lost two members of our bike team and aerobics family-
Pam Shaw and Ione Humann this past year.    


               Purple Pumpers 24! - MS 150                                                         Aerobic Family/ Bike Family Outing to Coffee Mojo (in memory of Pam-photographed here


Had to throw in some photos of South Africa, one of the most beautiful places I've been and I had the honor of having it be the 6th continent I presented research on

Purple Pumpers 23rd                                                                                                     36th Annucal Group Fitness Party- Such fun!


One of our many aerobic/ group fitness and Purple Pumper bike outings                  Another of our amazing breakfasts - though I retired from teaching group fitness
                                                                                                                                     after 35 years <in 2018>  (I'm still a professor)- we've continued our social gatherings!

We bought our beautiful detached town home in the Lakes of Blaine (2016)- .. Aerobics/ Group Fitness Brunch Gathering at Our Home


                                                                                                 Group Fitness Fund Raiser for Lifetime Foundation                                                                                          


One of my many annual treks to see Julie- soul sister and former Lifetime Instructor                                     Fun at Christmas in Group Fitness!


Left- Group Fitness Bike Outing                                                                                                       Right- The Purple Pumpers!


Purple Pumpers 2012-  In Memory of Pam Shaw and Ione Humann (both photographed in each of these photos, sadly we lost both to cancer this past year- both the same age)


                                                                                                                         Christmas at Group Fitness!

Our group fitness folks volunteered to collect food in the Holidazzle parade for over a decade-                 Annual Gathering of Purple Pumpers at Timberlodge

                                                                    I wish for you a beautiful New Year and 2021- Years ago I wrote this poem, at a different time- yet perhaps in this year                
                                                                                                 of the pandemic and difficulty for so many, it is a reminder of the precious nature of life.
                                                                                                    May we "resolve" - to stop, be grateful, notice beauty, and try to make a positive difference

Resolve—Not to Resolve


Happy New Year!  To each of you,

                            2021 is here, a year anew

                        Christmas Thank You’s are written, and tree put away

                           The days are colder, and snow here to stay


                        Our pocketbooks feel, a little bit lighter,

                           And shirts and pants, a little bit tighter

                        Holiday events, here and past,

                           As time moves on, at times so fast


                        Our minds reflect, on the years gone by

                           As our expectations, seemed so high

                        There were goals we’ve met, yet some remain

                           As we continually strive, to attain


                        Some may reflect, on times of sadness,

                           Yet others may ponder, with hearts of gladness

                        And now the New Year, a new time span

                           As we make resolutions, and set our plan


                        Opportunity abounds! Our ideals we form,

                           To improve our lives, and make reform

                        Some may promise, without a doubt

                           To lose ten pounds, and daily work out


Others decide, to increase their giving,           

                           Or rid of old habits, and improve their living

                        But when it comes down to it, and resolutions are set,

                           They’re the same resolutions, we’ve never met


                        So what if we decided, to put to the test,

                           To daily resolve, to just do our best

                        In setting our goals, and affirming our strengths

                           With self acceptance, we’d go to great lengths


                        The future’s important, and so is the past,

                           But it’s here in the present our lives are cast

                        No matter life’s journey’s both far and near,

                        Let’s just do our best, and…

                           Have a great year!

                                                                                                                                     Blessings and Beauty to Each of You in the New Year!

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