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Welcome to May! The weather is warmer, the plants are greener, and summer is just around the corner!  Although our Social events and breakfasts are on hold during Covid-19, I look forward to getting together with folks as soon as possible.

  Social Update

Social events on hold during the pandemic but as increasingly more folks get vaccinated let me know if you are interested in some outdoor picnics let me know! In addition, those on the Purple Pumpers, we will hold training rides. Our first will be the weekend of May 15-16.  Watch your email for specifics.


 Help Support the Purple Pumpers!!!

This year was scheduled to be the Purple Pumpers 26th team year... very exciting! Through the years our team has raised over $155,000 for a very important cause. We would love to have your support as the MS 150 will be a one day 75 mile event. We'd love your help.
This past year we lost two more of our faithful Purple Pumpers team (Pam and Ione, we lost both to cancer; both age 67).  Through the 26 years we've lost 4 former Pumpers including my brother- This year we ride in memory of all of them.

Link to help support us! (I will match $200 of anyone donating to me by donating to myself or another Pumper)

Donate at this link:
Kristi's Purple Pumpers Page

Flashback photos through the years!!!

Purple Pumpers Team 2013 In memory of Pam (front row in light blue)

Purple PumpersTeam 2006

Team- 2019 - In memory of Pam (2nd row- looking to her side)

                   Purple Pumpers 2013 In memory of Ione (photographed - far left)                                                      In memory of Ione (photographed in front in light blue)

Photos from my recent trek to the North Shore- Had time to spend with former Lifetime instructor and my soul sister Julie!





  Health and Fitness Information 

Fabulous Health and Fitness Facts 
* A study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University with 586 individuals found that persons with a more optimistic outlook on life had half as many heart attacks, cardiac incidents, and sudden death incidents over a 5-12 year period. The researchers indicated that while more research is needed, a possible explanation is that positive thinkers produce lower levels of stress hormones. Lets all get positive and stay up with our workouts and outdoor activities!!!! 

*There are studies demonstrating the positive effects of foam rollers. Interestingly, a 2017 study in the Journal of Sports Medicine found that the use of vibrating foam rollers may actually decrease the discomfort that foam rollers can cause and increase adherence to the foam roller protocol thus giving extra benefits.

* According to Whelton et al. (2017), natural ways to reduce blood pressure include the use of fiber, meditation, yoga, fish oil and guided breathing. Of course it is important to work closely with your health care provider given the risks high blood pressure can pose for many major health issues.

The American Council on Exercise (the organization I have my Group Fitness Instructor Certification with) has launched a 2021 campaign emphasizing outdoor activities and fitness. Particularly in the Covid era, outdoors offer wide open safe spaces for working out. ACE is working with local cities and governments to increase access to parks and green spaces. As the weather is warmer let us get out and enjoy the beauty of Minnesota!

*According to the American Council on Exercise, lifelong physical activity combined with functional training can help maintain physical independence. Occupational therapists (In addition to being certified as a fitness instructor I am a licensed occupational therapist) also have many therapeutic techniques to enhance function in daily tasks.

*The September 2016 issue of Experience Life magazine cited world leading researcher in Alzheimers Disease, Rudolph Tanzi, Ph.D. who states that a healthy lifestyle is key to minimizing and/or preventing Alzheimers.  Proper deep sleep is identified as important (7-8 hours) in order to clean out amyloid that forms during the day. Exercise and healthy diet are alse mentioned as important to prevent neuroinflammation.

*There is much hype about the supplement Creatine and its use for muscle building. According to Ken Pelletier Ph.D., MD., author and formally with the National Institute of Health, the research on the substance is mixed and continued research is needed to study its use. According the the Federal Food and Drug Administration, "much remains unknown about whether creatine is absolutely safe for long term use at levels currently being recommended. Remember that it is important prior to taking supplements and herbs that you have all the facts, the research and you talk with your doctor. As an occupational therapist I have seen instances where individuals have avoided telling their physicians about herbs they were taking and then pharmaceutical interactions occurred with prescribed medications. Remember that pharmaceuticals are often derived from the same plants that herbs come from.

*In our society we are seeing more overweight children due to excessive eating and more time with sedetary games such as gameboy, use of the computer, and watching TV. The current fitness guidelines through ACSM stress that children should get at least 30-60 minutes of physical activity daily which may include briefer 10-15 minutes of more vigorous exercise. Sadly, according to the American Council on Exercise, 40% of 5-8 year olds in the United States have at least one risk factor for heart disease. Remember, as with any individual, children should receive regular physical checkups to assure they are in good health.

*In the field of rehabilitation we are seeing increasing numbers of children affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects. As with any other developmental condition, early intervention is vital due to the increased neuroplasticity in the developing brain. Neuroscience now knows that the brain is plastic throughout life, but we can often make the greatest gains through early intervention. I am currently working in private practice for companies that service children, adults and families affected by many difficulties including FAS/FAE . The impact of excessive prenatal alcohol is devastating on children, families, and society!!! 

*According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, runners experience knee problems more than any other type of injury. A study from the University of Nevada suggested that increasing runners who increased their stride by 10% received less stress and shock to the body, thereby potentially decreasing knee injuries.

* With the increasing numbers of drownings publicized in recent years in Minnesota,  please encourage parents of young children to enroll them in water safety and basic swimming lessons.. it may save a life!

*As the Purple Pumpers prepare to go on yet another MS 150 venture to raise money for MS research, one of my colleague friends, Virgil Mathiowetz, and Yu, published a past issue of the American Journal of Occupational Therapy a systematic review of occupational therapy (my profession) interventions for Multiple Sclerosis. The study found high efficacy for programs that included rehabilitation, fatigue management, and health promotion.

*As the weather gets warmer, remember to remain well hydrated, especially when running and working out in the humidity.

The above information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advise of your health care professional.


May we all take time to notice the beauty that surrounds us!!!


May beauty come your way
and may we seek to be a positive in the world...

Blessings, Kristi

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