Kristi's Health and Fitness Page: December 2021

Greetings all! I hope you are well as we finish out 2021. Though we are nearly complete with the second year of the pandemic, I pray you have been able to stay healthy and live life as fully as possible while maintaining safety, health, and contact with those loved. As is tradition, I will review the past year and too will send a family Christmas page in the next couple of weeks.

   Social Update

We continued to have summer bike events but will hold off on indoor events and breakfasts until the pandemic ends. If folks are interested in a Christmas Zoom meet like last year please let me know.  Either way I will send a family Christmas update!  I pray you have a beautiful holiday season.

  **Purple Pumpers 27th!  We already have 12 people signed up for the MS 150 this year for the Purple Pumpers team.  We do have room, it is on the 2nd weekend of June, please let me know if you are interested!

2021- A Look Back....

Trek to the North Shore- Had time to spend with former Lifetime instructor and my soul sister Julie!





MS 150 Team - Purple Pumpers!!


Getting ready to ride!

Some of those of us who did the long route

70 in- only 5 to go... 75 miles? No problem!

A Look Back at Previous Years!!!

Breakfasts Galore!

A trek to visit my soul sister Julie (and former Lifetime Instructor)- Up on the North Shore!

                                                                                                      Hoping we can resume our annual Christmas party next year!!- Past Parties!

  Biking...   Biking...   Biking...

Purple Pumpers 23  (This coming year will be our 27th)

At 85 dad (right) was the oldest on the MS 150, Richard (left) was 2nd oldest at age 83  in  2018                                Annual MS 150 Dinner


Holiday Health And Fitness Tip:  The Idea Fitness Journal has some good information on ways to add health to your holiday meal  (adapted)

*Maximize fruits and vegetables
*Replace cakes and cookies with fruit and whipped cream
*Replace spinach and artichoke dip with guacamole and salsa
*Replace sugar and spiced nuts with lightly salted mixed nuts


Christmas Beauty     

Snow fallen splendor
breathes holiday cheer
as folks busy bustle
signs Christmas near
The fervent, the feverish
rush to the store
As the season unfolds
and knocks at our door
The trees all need trimming
The stockings must be hung
The cards must be written
The bells must be rung
Yet in all the magic
In all the cheer
Take time to pause
for time with those dear
For God's love came down
and graced our Earth's Sky
In giving his gift, for you and I
Let's pause in our thanks
to the dear Lord above
and share with each other
our kindness and love
I thank each of you
for your presence you see
and how you grace
my life journey
I wish for you
both far and near
A Very Merry Christmas
and Blessed New Year!!!


Merry Christmas from Our Home To Yours!!


Have a beautiful Christmas!

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