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Greetings all, I welcome you to March/ April.  I start this web page this year, with a pause that we may all pray for the Ukranians and for
the state of the world. We have had a challenging few years and see the light of hope as the pandemic has shown improvement and may we all pray
for peace and continued work towards the global future.

As the pandemic improves, it is hoped we can find some time to find this Spring or early summer for a shared breakfast, lunch or dinner. For years we shared monthly breakfasts
folks have mentioned hoping we can do so again. We too have another 5 or so spots for our Purple Pumpers 27th MS 150 ride. We already have the hotels, please let me know if
you are interested in joining us. We too will plan to have some training rides in the Spring. All are welcome!

       Purple Pumpers 27th! June 10th - 12th! We welcome new members and we welcome sponsors!     

Purple Pumpers- Through the Years!

Left- Last year's Purple Pumpers on a fun training ride- Right, dad (on the right) has ridden several times- and often has been the oldest- here he was 85- is now turning 89!

Left- 2006 Purple Pumpers                                                                                                            Right  2007 Purple Pumpers

Before we had cool jerseys but still such fun!  (2005)

                                                                                                   One of our annual team dinners (this at Grizzly's)

                                                                                                   Last year's 26th Purple Pumpers!
          We'd Love to have your support or have you join us! - Sponsor the Purple Pumpers or join us! 

Kristi's Purple Pumper Page:

Kristi's Purple Pumpers Page

Purple Pumper Team Page:
Purple Pumpers Page


Fun Flashback Photos!

Kirk and his dad at a fun party- we have had many aerobics gatherings!                                                        Yours truly and John Baron - Group Fitness Instructor Fun


Left- Group Breakfast at our home                                                                                                    Right- Instructor party a few years back!


Left- Yours truly with dear friend and former fitness instructor Julie                                                Right- One of our many Battle of the Sexes Breakfasts!

Health and Fitness Information  

1.  As we get ready for the MS150, here are a few biking tips from University of California (Berkeley):
a) remember proper safety including a helmet, bright colored clothing, gloves for fall protection, and traffic regulations b) start training on fairly flat ground in a lower gear, c) as you change gears, try to keep your pedaling consistent, d) when training for a large event, with time add hills and distance. I too would emphasize the importance of a properly fitting bike and your seat should be high enough so there is only a very light bend in your knee when extended.  Happy riding!

2. According to the Weyerhaeurser Hope Heart Institute, often when you feel tired in the middle of the day, it may not be due to hunger, but could be caused by dehydration. A lack of adequate water intake may also cause headaches.

3.  I found this interesting!!  An American Council on Exercise study found that persons who wear casual clothing to work, particularly comfortable shoes, experienced an 8% increase in physical activity during the work day. Interestingly, we now of course have had many opportunities to work from home, I have worn slippers to work more the past 1.5 years than ever before :)

4. Building muscle requires an overload to the muscle. Within aerobic training, that generally means building through cardiovascular exercise and it will be affected by your weight, body make up, and personal factors. Strength training requires resistance. Generally those who seek increased muscle size, overload with heavier weights and fewer reps whereas those aiming for endurance use lighter resistance and more repetition.

5.  According to an article in Lifetime Fitness "Experience Life" magazine, a past study found that simple daily meditation may help you calm down, increase energy, and decrease anxiety, depression and anger.  The study used an integrative body mind technique (sorry, it did not cite source).

6. As summer draws close (wishful thinking), remember to keep adequately hydrated. Water is also key in healthy diet and nutrition.  Sometimes people reach for the cookie jar or snacks misinterpreting thirst for hunger.  Keep in mind the type of fluids you are drinking and their impact on your health.

7. According to the Centers of Disease Control (2009), 75% of our national health expenditures are treating chronic diseases.  Lets all choose healthy lifestyles to minimize the risk of chronic disease!

8.  The current CDC stats (as of the end of 2021) indicate that the leading cause of death continues as heart disease, the second cancer, and sadly with the pandemic the third was Covid. As the pandemic numbers improve, may we remember to continue to keep health habits including good hand washing, masking when needed, and continuing with a health diet and exercise program.  In addition, obesity, lifestyle and other factors continue to contribute to high levels of heart disease. Given the recent changes in CPR, remember to stay up to date on your CPR and defribrillator training. Remember additional symptoms of heart attack including chest pains, fullness in the chest, onset of autonomic symptoms such as sweating and palor,  shortness of breath, and pain in the upper body radiating to left arm. Remember, time is of crucial importance so 911 should be called first.  This is so very important-- as many of you know, I was part of a response team to a cardiac arrest at the club a few years ago. We were told that the use of the AD saved the man's life. It is important to be aware of the signs.  In addition, women often have varying symptoms from men including pain in other parts of the body.  Knowledge of symptoms is important as far too often persons discount heart attack symptoms until it is too late. ... Lets work to promote healthy lifestyles in conjunction with educating ourselves on the symptoms of heart attack and stroke!

9. Finally, an interesting study the past year in neuroscience supports the importance of breathing in regulating our emotions and influencing memory. Northwestern medicine scientists found that our rhythm of breathing affects the electrical activity in the brain.  As you know, yoga focuses on the breath, as does the practice of mindfulness, something we use frequently in occupational therapy, particularly in mental and behavioral health.

*The above information is for educational health purposes only, and is not meant to replace the advice or your healt
h or fitness professional


As we close the winter and head towards Spring, may we pause in prayer for the people of Ukraine, for those displaced, and for resolution and resolve. May we too consider how we can individually and collectively respond. There are many reputable organizations providing relief.
Hug those you love, tell them you love them, and may we pause to remember the sacred nature of life.


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