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Greetings all, I pray you are well as we are amidst a cold and rainy Spring, but as you know, April showers bring May flowers!  I am hopeful you have had a good year thus far, I have had the opportunity to see some of you, but not others. Please keep in touch! I too hope folks have been able to keep up with their fitness regimen, particularly as the weather gets nicer! Please note, we will plan on having some bike training rides with the 27th Purple Pumpers, all are welcome! Folks have also discussed perhaps having a summer picnic or something to get everyone together. We'd love to see you!
  Social update and sponsorship opportunities for 27th Purple Pumpers!

We are planning on having a series of training rides prior to the MS 150 which is the second weekend of June. We too will host additional bike gatherings throughout the year. Let me know if you are interested! We will be having rides in the cities, also on the Gateway to Stillwater, the Cannon trail, and the Elm Creek trail in addition to other rides.  I just need to know to include you on the emails if you are interested. Rides typically are 15-32 miles. All are welcome!

Purple Pumpers 27th!
Yes, the Purple Pumpers are riding again this year!  Through the years we have raised over $175,000 to help fight MS. We too have had two people on our team with MS and thus it takes on a personal meaning as well.  Below are a few photos from through the years and opportunities for you to sponsor us!


You can sponsor Kristi Here:

Kristi's Purple Pumpers Page

Sponsor the Purple Pumpers Here

Purple Pumpers Page

Thank you! 

I was asked about my recent April trip to the North Shore- it was amazingly snowy but beautiful!  Here are some pics!



And I thought I'd throw in a couple from our Virgin Islands Trip!


May we always seek to live life fully, love fervently, and strive to make a positive difference! (Kristi)

Health and Fitness Information:

A Health Partners Research Foundation study found that  older adults that had been inactive and increased physical activity to a minimum of 90 minutes per week experienced a decline of medical expenses and average of $2,000 the following year.

*A study published in Neurology reported that the Mediterranean diet (high vegetables, legumes, fruits and cereals, and high intakes of unsaturated fatty acids) appears to decrease the mortality rate of  persons with Alzheimers.

*A past study in the journal Sleep found that athletes who received an adequate amount of sleep (over 7 hours) demonstrated improved athletic performance.  Studies suggest that over 6 (preferably over 7) and under 9.5 are ideal. As always, there are individual differences so check with your health care professional on the right amount of sleep for you.

*Many of you have heard of the studies about the problems of spending an extended amount of time sitting each day.  Another study in the July issue of the British Medical Journal indicates that excessive sitting also raises the risk for pulmonary embolism. .. More recently, research shows that if you get up and walk 2 minutes every hour, you can combat some of the problematic effects of over-sitting. Make sure to keep a healthy active lifestyle and for those who have to sit excessively at work, be sure to take adequate breaks!

*Although some have touted that a mile run or walked results in burning of the same amount of calories, researchers from Syracuse University conducted a study that suggests running may actually burn up to 30% more calories. Of course running is harder on the joins and therefore one must consider personal health and multiple factors when creating a fitness plan.

* According to a study of women in the International Journal of Cancer , those who ate four to six bananas a week cut kidney cancer risk by close to 50%. It is thought that the phenolic compounds in bananas may account for the cancer prevention. ...I was happy to hear this as  bananas are one of my favorite foods!!!  :)

*I'm reprising a past edition of Lifetime Fitness Experience Life Magazine which had a wonderful article about sleep.  The magazine suggests the following for those having trouble falling asleep:

(a) Avoid alcohol near bedtime- alcohol may help you initially fall asleep but may impair deep sleep and REM sleep

(b) Avoid caffeine late in the day- caffeine along with other stimulants can decrease both sleep time and quality of sleep

(c) Get some sun-  sunlight helps the body's internal clock reset itself

(d) Keep your bedroom quiet

(e) Turn off the computer and TV

(f) Develop a relaxing routine before bed- such routines help the body wind down (we speak of this often in therapy as it is important to affect your body's alert level and produce a calming response prior to sleep

(g) Eat wisely- refrain from heavy eating before bed yet avoid going to bed hungry

(h) Clear your mind- write down your thoughts and clear the mind

(i) Don't lie in bed awake- get up, do something relaxing and then return to bed sleepy

Finally- as the summer months often bring us to a change in habits, remember to keep up with your exercise routine! :) Hope to see you in class soon!

*The above information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice of your health and fitness professional.

Closing with a couple fun past Fitness Photos!


May God Bless you and May we seek to Live life Fully, Love Fervently, and Strive to Make a Positive Difference! (Kristi)

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