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Greetings all! I hope you are well!  As the summer is upon us, may we all try to find time to enjoy the great outdoors! The past couple months brought a number of opportunities for bike rides, and too, the 28th Purple Pumpers had a fabulous year on the MS 150.  Thanks to all who sponsored team members!  Please note, we will have a number of other bike ride opportunities this summer and Fall (see below).


The Purple Pumpers would like to thank all who rode and/or sponsored the team on our 28th MS 150.  We had a good year and raised over $10,000 this year bringing our total through the years to over $205,000!  This takes on special meaning as we now have two long time members with MS.  If you are interested in joining some of our bike rides or one of our future teams, please let me know!  See below for fun photos!

Left- several of the Purple Pumpers team enjoying Lake Superior                                           Enroute to our first 75 miles the first day- team fun!

Fun on the ride                                                                                                       Dinner after our first 75 miles- only 75 to go!

                                                                                                                   Last Rest Stop- The whole team did a GREAT job!


We plan to have a few more rides this summer, the first on August 12th. Please let me know if you would like to join us!  In addition, we plan on doing the St. Paul Classic on Sunday September 10th. Again please let me know if you'd like to join us!



                              Health and Fitness Information 

1. This year the St. Paul Classic has 14, 30 and 33 mile options. Remember when biking to wear your helmet, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!  Often I see people riding with their bike seats way too low which can cause undue stress on the knees. In the extended position your knee should only have a very slight bend.

2. In perusing an old Experience Life magazine, it has some wonderful information.  For those with low back pain, the magazine suggested:

(a) Don't sleep on your stomach because it puts more strain on your low back, (b) When sitting keep feet planted on floor and knees bent, extending the legs out in front too far can put strain on the low back, (c) Remember to take frequent breaks, especially if you are at a computer, sitting, or driving for extended periods of time, and (d) When rising from a sitting position, use your hips and legs for support to get to the standing position. 

3. Experience Life magazine cited a Journal of the American Medical Association study from the University of Copenhagen that looked at the effects of inactivity.  The study found that reducing activity for only two weeks resulted in significantly higher levels of glucose and fat in the bloodstreams of the participants.  Such effects can lead to a multitude of medical risks including that of diabetes and heart disease.

4. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential in the diet to help reduce inflammation and too protect against heart disease. Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna along with canola oil, walnuts, flaxseed, and green leafy vegetables are all good sources of Omega 3.

5.  According to the Society for Neuroscience, nearly 2/3 of ailments presenting in doctors offices are often stress related.  Many diseases of meaning such as heart attacks, GI problems, and mental health concerns have direct ties to stress.  In our busy lives, let us find time for plenty of rest, good nutrition, sleep, exercise... and take time for yourself to do the things you enjoy with the people you love!

6. Often people for convenience go ahead and eat fruits and vegetables without washing them. Remember to wash, and often scrub them in order to remove not only dirt but possible pesticides. The CDC also reminds people not to use the same cutting boards for fruits and vegetables that you do with meat, particularly when using wood based cutting boards.

*The above information is for educational purposes only and not meant to replace the advice of your physician or health professional.

May blessings and beauty touch your day!

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